Autism FAQ - Organizations and Services

See also "Initiatives" and "Charities and Foundations" sections.

  Autism Society of America (ASA)
   7910 Woodmont Ave.
   Suite 650
   Bethesda, MD 20814-3015
   Tel: (301) 657-0881
   FAX: (301) 657-0869
   Info referral telephone number: 1-800-3-AUTISM

   Older names of this organization:
     National Society for Children and Adults with Autism
     National Society for Autistic Children (NSAC)

  Autism Society Canada
   129 Yorkville Ave #202
   Toronto, Ontario
   M5R 1C4
   (416) 922-0302
   FAX: (416) 922-1032

  National Autistic Society
    (of Great Britain)

    276 Willesden Lane,
    London NW2 5RB, U.K.

  Society for Auditory Integration Training (SAIT) - an organization
    which hopes to provide parents information on people who offer AIT
    (to prevent just anyone from hanging out a sign and claiming to
    know what they are doing without meeting some type of

    Society for Auditory Integration Training
    c/o Center for the Study of Autism
    Boardwalk Plaza, Suite 230
    9725 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy.
    Beaverton, OR 97005
    (503) 643-4121

  Autism National Committee
    635 Ardmore Avenue
    Ardmore, PA 19003
   Also known as AUTCOM or ANC

  Autism Network International (ANI) -  the only autistic-run self-help
    and advocacy organization for autistic people.  Publishes
    newsletter, arranges pen pals, as well as other advocacy activities.

    Autism Network International
    P.O. Box 448
    Syracuse, NY 13210-0448

    ANI runs a private e-mail mailing list (ANI-L) intended to be a
    meeting place and advocacy network for autistics and cousins
    (abbreviated as "ACs").  Family members, friends, and professionals
    are welcome to participate as well, provided they observe the list
    policies which are meant to ensure that ANI-L remains autistic

    For information on joining ANI-L, send a message to:

    with the message body reading:

       subscribe ANI-L 

  Adriana Foundation - an organization dedicated to the deployment
    of Facilitated Communication.

    2001 Beacon Street - Room 214
    Brookline, Massachusetts 02146
    (617) 232-8550 232-8634
     fax: (617) 232-8628

  Georgiana Foundation - an organization dedicated to the deployment of
    Auditory Integration Training.  They maintain a list of AIT
    practitioners who use the Audiokinetron device developed by Dr.
    Guy Berard.

    P.O. Box 2607
    Westport, CT 06880
    (203) 454-1221
    fax: (203) 454-3788

  Autism Research Institute -  Directed by Bernard Rimland. Used to be
    "Institute for Child Behavior".  Publishes a quarterly newsletter,
    Autism Research Review International (see below).

    (Autism Research Review International) reviewing recent work on
    autism. Has the latest reports on drug and nutritional therapies,
    and on possible causes of autism. The newsletter is also a forum
    for Dr. Rimland's opinions on the value of megavitamin therapy and
    dimethylglycine, the usefulness of aversive stimuli for
    extinguishing self-injurious behavior, and the fraudulence of
    facilitated communication.

    4182 Adams Avenue
    San Diego, CA 92116
    (619) 281-7165

  Center for the Study of Autism - All I know is that they are active
   in Auditory Integration Training and the Society for Auditory
   Integration Training is based there.

    Boardwalk Plaza, Suite 230
    9725 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy.
    Beaverton, OR 97005
    (503) 643-4121

  National Autism Research Foundation - ?

  Parents For Early Intervention (PFEI) - organization started by Lovaas
    dedicated to helping families that have implemented intensive
    behavioral treatment programs with young developmentally disabled
    children.  They publish the PFEI Newsletter.

    PFEI Membership
    Autism Project-Lovaas,
    308 Westwood Plaza, #136
    Los Angeles, CA   90024

  Sensory Integration International
    1602 Cabrillo Ave.
    Torrance, CA 90501
    (310) 320-9986 (I also heard: (310) 533-8338)

  MAAP (More Able Autistic People) - offers information relating to
    high functioning autism and asperger's.  Publishes a newsletter.

    PO box 524
    Crown Point, IN 46307

  Feingold Association of the United States, and the
    Autism, Intolerance & Allergy Network (USA) (AIA-USA).

    127 East Main Street
    Suite 106
    Riverhead, NY 11901
    (516) 369-9340
    FAX: (516) 369-2988

  Autisme France
    1 Place d'Aine
    87000 Limoges

  The Arc
    US National organization on mental retardation.  It shares a lot of
    issues with organizations specific to Autism, and it offers some
    services specific to Autistic people.

    The Arc of the United States
    500 East Border Street, Suite 300
    Arlington, Texas 76010
    FAX: (817)277-3491

    Autism Self-advocay organisation centered on the Internet
    runs the a-day mailing list.

  Families for Early Autism Treatment (FEAT)
    Northern California organization in support of early behavioral
    intervention.  Similar FEAT organizations have been set up in other
    locations, but I'm not certain how close the affiliations are.

  Asperger Syndrome Coalition of the United States (ASC-U.S.)
        (formerly ASPEN of America)
    P.O. Box 49267
    Jacksonville Beach, FL 32240-9267
    (904) 745-6741