Autism FAQ - Initiatives

See also section "Charities and Foundations".

  National Autism Hotline, (304) 523-8269, provided by the Autism
  Services Center, 101 Richmond Street, Huntington, WV 25702.

  Annual Autism Conference by Autism Society of America, July
  of each year.  Intended for parents, researchers, psychologists,
  and educators.

  ASA fax-on-demand service for autism documents.  Call 1-800-FAX-0899,
  24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Have your fax number handy and you
  can request a list of the available documents, which includes a copy
  of the Autism Society of North Carolina Book Store List.  The flyer
  reports that the service is provided, in part, by a grant from the
  American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

  TEACCH (Treatment and Education of Autistic and Related
  Communication Handicapped Children) program in North Carolina.
   Division TEACCH Administration and Research
   CB# 7180, 310 Medical School Wing E
   The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
   Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7180
   FAX 919-966-4127

  DEAL (Dignity through Education and Language Communication
  Center) Melbourne, Australia.  Pioneered facilitated communications.

  Facilitated Communication Institute.

   Facilitated Communication Institute
   Syracuse University
   370 Huntington Hall
   Syracuse, NY 13244-2340
   FAX (315)443-2274

  Sibling Information Network - an organization for siblings of children
   in special education.  They publish a newsletter and coordinate pen pals.
   Not specifically for autism.

   Sibling Information Network
   The A.J. Pappanikou Center on Special Education & Rehabilitation
   991 Main Street
   East Hartford, CT  06108
   (203) 282-7050

  Autism Research Institute (ARI)
   4182 Adams Avenue
   San Diego, CA  921161

  Autism Directory Service; 19 Mark Vincent Drive, Poughkeepsie, NY 12603.

  May Institute/The May Center for Early Childhood Education - a
   program targeting preschool through about 1st or 2nd grade kids with
   autistic spectrum disorders.  The teaching method is discrete-trial
   like Lovaas.

   The May Center
   10 Acton St.
   Arlington MA 02174

  Irlen Institute for Perceptual and Learning Development
   5380 Village Rd.
   Long Beach, CA 90808
   (310) 496-2550
   Fax: (310) 429-8699

  The Option Institute and Fellowship.  Organization in Sheffield MA,
   for autistic and other special-needs children formed by Barry Neil
   Kaufman, author of "Son-Rise".
   (specifically for Sun-Rise program:

  Special Olympics - open to participants ("athletes") with
   developmental disabilities including autism.  National number is
   (202) 628-3630.

  Autism News Service (ANS) - an article exchange/syndication service
   for autism-related newsletters.  Anyone who is involved in producing
   a newsletter, or who has an article they would like to submit, is
   welcome to email Trogrann@AOL.COM (Mark Painter).

  National Alliance for Autism Research (NAAR) - founded in 1994 by a
   group of parents of autistic children who were frustrated by the
   absence of any organization dedicated to supporting and encouraging
   biomedical research into autism and related disorders. It is a
   non-profit organization that is governed by parents and whose sole
   mission is to increase the level of medical research into the
   causes, prevention and treatment of autism.  They publish a
   newsletter called NAARATIVE.

   66 Witherspool Street, Suite 310
   Princeton, New Jersey 08542
   (908) 359-9957

  CELIAC e-mail mailing list [important note: MAELSTROM.STJOHNS.EDU
   is scheduled to retire 2/1/2006: I don't have information about
   a new location for this list]

   Old information: The Celiac discussion group is an open,
   unmoderated discussion list for those interested in Celiac Disease,
   dermatitis herpetiformis, gluten intolerance, wheat allergy, and
   co-incident intolerances, such as casein or lactose intolerance.
   The discussions will include the latest scientific research (written
   for the lay person); information on what food is gluten free and
   what is not; tips on how to eat out of the house, how to cope
   issues, including coping with the developmental delays and
   behavioral changes sometimes brought on or aggravated by gluten
   (Autism, Asperger's, Attention Deficit, etc.); recipes and tips on
   how to cook; and where to find gluten free food by mail order.  To
   subscribe, send the following command in the body of email to
   yourfirstname yourlastname.  For example:  SUB CELIAC John Doe

   There are also online archives and files available from

  Indiana Resource Center for Autism (IRCA) - among other things they sell
   some videos about autism.

   Indiana Resource Center for Autism
   Indiana University
   Institute for Study of Developmental Disabilities
   2853 East Tenth St.
   Bloomington, IN 47408-2601

  The HANDLE Institute - "Holistic Approach to Neuro-Developmental and
   Learning Efficiency".  Organization dedicated to non-drug approaches
   to a number of neurological disorders including autism.

   The HANDLE Institute
   1219 Westlake Avenue North Suite 203
   Seattle, Washington 98109
   FAX: 1-2060285-3228

  ME-List - a private mailing list which provides a forum for
   discussion of discrete-trial-based interventions (also referred to
   as "behavior modification" and as "Lovaas" therapy) for autism and
   related disorders.  To subscribe to this list, send a short note to
   Ruth Allen at
   giving your specific reason for interest in this topic.  If you
   have web access, check the website for more specific instructions:

   1. Autism is discussed in the ADD Forum, select GO ADD
   2. For current Bulletin Board discussion:
        Under topics, select Autism/TS/NBDs
   3. For reference articles,
        Under Libary select Autism/TS/NBDs
   4. A Live discussion is held Wednesdays from 10PM to 11PM
      Eastern Time in conference room 2.

  America OnLine:
   1. The "Equal Access Cafe"/Autism discussion group:Thursdays at 9pm
      EST (keyword:disAbility then choose Equal Access Cafe). These
      sessions are later available as text documents.
   2. disABILITIES Message Center/Mental Health Issues & Concerns:
      Browse the folders and choose "Autism" to read posted messages
      and discussions from members or to ask/answer questions of others
      AOL members.
   3. Better Health & Medical Forum (Keyword:Health)/Health Libraries
      has some articles on autism and plenty of information on
      disabilities and advocacy.
   4. The "Equal Access Cafe"/Asperger's discussion group:Thursdays
      at 10PM EST (keyword:disAbility then choose Equal Access Cafe).
   5. Asperger Folder - Go EDUCATION, Parent's Information Network,
      scroll to Special Education, message boards, keep scrolling until
      you find it --folders aren't in alphabetical order.

      I've heard ther eis a discussion on Autism at 10PM on

      I've heard there is a discussion on Autism nightly about 10PM
      on #autism.  There is a home page for participants at

      There is also a group of autistic people who chat online on
      the channel #autistics.

      There is also an IRC channel called #aba of people discussing
      Applied Behavioral Analysis.  There is a home page for
      participants at

  ASPERGER mailing list
   (provided by ICORS, formerly provided by St. Johns University)
   Instructions for joining, etc, at 

  ABA-PRO e-mail mailing list [important note: MAELSTROM.STJOHNS.EDU
   is scheduled to retire 2/1/2006: I don't have information about
   a new location for this list]


  PAN-L mailing list (Parents and Autistics Network List) is a mutual
   support e-mail mailing list of autistic people and parents of
   autistic people.  To find out how to join, send a note to Carolyn
   Baird at

  OzAutism mailing list (Australia and New Zealand)
   List owner is Carolyn Baird at

  THE HANEN EARLY LANGUAGE PROGRAM___________Helping Children Communicate
   252 Bloor St W, Ste 3-390, Toronto, ON. Canada. M5S 1V5
   Tel: (416) 921-1073      Fax: (416) 921-1225
   E-mail:     World Wide Web:

  COSAC- the New Jersey Center for Outreach and Services for the Autism
   Community at 1450 Parkside Avenue, Suite 22, Ewing, NJ  08638; (609)
   883-8100. COSAC just published a National Directory of Programs
   Serving Individuals With Autism and Related Pervasive Developmental
   Disorders this past December.  It is available for $5.00 and
   contains a wealth of information that may be helpful to you.

  Community Support Services - Job placement organization specializing
   with autism-vocational placement; director is Susan Carlton Ingram.

    Community Support Services
    4424 Montgomery Avenue, Suite 201
    Bethesda, MD 20814

  Autism Treatment Options, Inc. (ATO): a non-profit organization
   established in August, 1994 by a group of parents of autistic
   children who were frustrated over the lack of available options for
   the treatment of autism in North and South Carolina.  ATO publishes
   the "Autism Options Guide - Resource Handbook" which lists available
   resources in the field of autism for use by parents or other persons
   as a starting point for their search for the most appropriate
   treatment method(s).

    Autism Treatment Options, Inc.  13 Mountain Lake Drive,
    Hendersonville, NC 28739

  Autism Services Association: a resource for adults.

    47 Walnut Street
    Wellesley Hills, MA  02181
    Fax 617/237-5020

  Cure Autism Now (CAN): Organization dedicated to funding research
    with direct clinical implications for treatment.

    5225 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 503
    Los Angeles, California 90036
    phone: (213) 549-0500
    fax: (213) 549-0547

  PREACCH: a national, Christian support group for people homeschooling
   autistic kids. Memberships are $15/year and scholarships are

    P.O. Box 736
    Lake Hamilton
    FL 33851

  Future Horizons (was Future Education)
   Publisher that specializes in books on Autism/PDD.

    Future Horizons
    422 E. Lamar, Suite 106
    Arlington, Texas 76011

  Reaching Potentials: private, non provit organization established by
   a small group of parents dedicated to supporting a broad spectrum of
   services to individuals with autism and their families.

  AUTINET FORUM.  An electronic mailing list aimed to be a point of
   unity between Autistic/Asperger's people, their parents, caregivers,
   assistants, friends, psychiatrists, psychologists, and researchers
   in the field.  Run by Peter Wise (

  DAP ? The DE School ?

  Walden ?

  Autism Treatment Services of Canada
    404- 94 Ave SE,
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    phone: 403-253-6961
    fax:  403-253-6974

  Autism Research Unit at University of Sunderland, England
   Operates a computerized database of research publications into
   all aspects of autism.

  Tomatis Americas Network

  Delaware Autistic Program
   Statewide program, also developer of PECS.
    142 Brennen Drive
    Newark, DE 19713
    (302) 454-2202

  Free Online Advocacy for Autistic Children, funded by The Office of
   Advocacy for Autistic Children, a non-profit advocacy and lobbyist
   group.  The online service is run by Mike Robinson.

    P.O. Box 4030
    Ione, CA 95640
    (209)763-5950 ext. 51

  Candida Wellness Center
    Has catalog

  Family Resource Services, Inc.
   Sells books & items on autism & developmental delay; has catalog
    P.O. Box 1146
    231 Columbia Road 61
    Magnolia, AR 71753
    1-800-501-0139 (Usa)
    Fax: 1-501-234-9021

  USA Higashi - school for autistic chilren in Boston.

  Potential Unlimited Publishing (PUP)
   Non-profit publisher of books on autism.
    P.O. Box 218
    Stratham, NY 03885-0218

  Defeat Autism Now! (DAN!)
   Occasional autism-related conference oriented towards medical
   intervention into autism.  The first conference was in January 1995,
   and I think as of 6/97 that there has been one more.  They resulted
   in a book known as The DAN Protocol, or orignially,
   Clinical Assessment Options for Children with Autism and Related
   Disorders (see section on books below).

  AUTISM-PHYSIO e-mail mailing list [important note:
   MAELSTROM.STJOHNS.EDU is scheduled to retire 2/1/2006:
   I don't have information about a new location for this list,
   and haven't confirmed that the list still exists]

   Old information: - for sharing information and
   discussing various physiological/metabolic/genetic theories about
   autism and possible interventions based upon these theories.  To
   subscribe, send the following command in the body of email to
   yourfirstname yourlastname.  For example:

   There are also online archives available from

  AUTISM-SUPPORT e-mail mailing list, a Christian online support group
   formerly know as Christian Parents of Autistic Children (CPAC).
   To join, send e-mail to

  The unmoderated newsgroup.

  The Autism Network for Dietary Intervention (ANDI)
   Publishes The ANDI News

  The Doug Flutie, Jr. Foundation for Autism

  The Autism Research Foundation (TARF)
   Dedicated to the study of the neuropathoology of autism.
   Suite W701, Moss-Rosene Lab
   715 Albany Street
   Boston, MA 02118

  Open Your Eyes, an initiative of
   Unlocking Autism
   PP.O. Box 1086
   Baton Rouge, LA  70821-1086
   Phone: (877) 769-6736

  FEATNews Online (FEAT Daily Online Newsletter)
   News bulletin on Autism e-mailed twice daily, by FEAT.

  Collaborative Autism Project (CAP)
   Collaboration between several research centers on autism and gentics.

  Autism Support and Advocacy Project (ASAP)
   151 Portsmouth Ave
   Stratham, NH
   Phone: 603-778-6008