Autism Books - 1995

Janice Adams.
Autism-P.D.D. : Creative Ideas During the School Years (Adams Publications, 1995). Paperback, 70 pages. Contains practical suggestions for teaching children with autism contributed by teachers and parents. Reader: easy reading and very good, varied ideas. [autism,se,pdd]
Janice Adams.
Autism-P.D.D.: Introducing Strategies for parents and professionals (Adams Publications, 1995). [autism,parent,pdd]
Autism Research Unit.
Psychological Perspectives in Autism (1995). Proceedings from the 1995 conference of the Autism Research Unit of the University of Sunderland. From conference at The College of St. Hild & St. Bede, University of Durham, April 1995. [autism,proceedings]
Autism Research Unit.
Therapeutic Intervention in Autism: Perspectives from Research and Practice. (1995). Proceedings from the 1996 conference of the Autism Research Unit of the University of Sunderland. From the Conference at University fo Durham, April 1-3 1996. [autism,proceedings]
Simon Baron-Cohen.
Mindblindness: An Essay on Autism and Theory of Mind (Cambridge, Massachusetts: MIT Press, 1995). Part of the series Learning, Development, and Conceptual Change. In Mindblindness, Simon Baron-Cohen presents a model of the evolution and development of "mindreading." [As far as I can tell from reviews, he is not referring to extra-sensory powers, but uses the term "mindreading" to mean the unconscious deductions & educated guesses we make about other peoples' minds -ed] He argues that we mindread all the time, effortlessly, automatically, and mostly unconsciously. It is the natural way in which we interpret, predict, and participate in social behavior and communication. We ascribe mental states to people: states such as thoughts, desires, knowledge, and intentions. Building on many years of research, Baron-Cohen concludes that children with autism, suffer from "mindblindness" as a result of a selective impairment in mindreading. For these children, the world is essentially devoid of mental things. Note: Newsweek 1995/8/14 has an article featuring this book. ISBN: 0262023849 (hardcover, 300 pages); ISBN: 026252225X (paperback, 200 pages). [autism]
C. Barthelemy, L. Hameury & G. Lelord.
L'autisme de l'enfant. La Therapie d'echange et de developpement. (Paris: E.S.F., 1995). [autism,french]
Claudia Buttner.
Autistische Sprachstorungen (Hurth: Gabel, 1995). Part of the series Kolner linguistische Arbeiten, Germanistik. 180 pages. ISBN: 3921527317 . [autism,german]
Kathleen M. Dillon.
Living with Autism: The Parents' Stories (Boone, NC: Parkway, 1995). Discusses problems parents of children with autism often have to face (obtaining a diagnosis, confusion over labeling, unanswered questions of cause, grief and sorrow, trials of day-to-day living, trying to get adequate treatment, stresses on the family, uncertain long range forecast, and social stigma) and ways parents have found to survive and transcend these challenges. These issues are then illustrated with 6 case studies of children ranging in age from 6 to 22 years old and exhibiting a wide range of abilities and needs. ISBN: 0963575279 (235 pages). [autism,account]
Anne M. Donnellan & Martha R. Leary.
Movement Differences and Diversity in Autism/Mental Retardation: Appreciating and Accommodating People with Communication Challenges (Madison, Wisconsin: DRI Press, 1995). ISBN: 1886928002 . [autism,fc,mr]
Mark Frankland.
Freddie the Weaver: The Boy Who Fought To Join The World (London: Sinclair-Stevenson, 1995). The story of a mother's fight for her adopted son who turned out to have autism; and of that child's fight to master his disability. ISBN: 1856192466 (hardcover, 244 pages). [autism,account]
Gail Gillingham.
Autism: Handle with Care! Understanding and Managing Behavior of Children and Adults with Autism (Future Education a.k.a. Future Horizons, 1995). Details many anecdotes from real life situations which clarify exactly why an autistic person reacts bizarrely to normal stimuli the rest of us would find unremarkable. Author writes from an empathetic perspective. One reader: excellent book explaining sensory difficulties experienced by people with autism. ISBN: 1885477147 (paperback). [autism,intro]
Temple Grandin.
Thinking in Pictures: and Other Reports of my Life with Autism (New York: Bantam, 1995). Not really an account of Temple's life so much as her explanation of autism, particularly her own, citing examples from her own life and others she has talked to and read. It also discusses education and treatment. One reader calls it terrific: better than Emergence.... ISBN: 0385477929 (hardcover, 222 pages, Doubleday, 1995); ISBN: 0679772898 (paperback, 222 pages, Vintage edition, 1996); ISBN: 0307275655 (paperback, 304 pages, Vintage, 2006, ISBN-13: 978-0307275653). [autism,account]
Magdalena Grodzka, ed.
Crying Without Tears: Letters From Parents of Autistic Children (1995). Paperback, 254 pages [autism,account]
Torey L. Hayden.
One Child (Avon, 1995). Teacher's account of troubled student. I've seen a synopsis of the book that labels the child autistic. The Tiger's Child is a sequel. ISBN: 0380542625 (paperback, 221 pages); ISBN: 0808511394 (1999). [autism,account]
Torey L. Hayden.
The Tiger's Child (Avon, 1995). Sequel to author's One Child. ISBN: 0025491504 (hardcover, 256 pages); ISBN: 0380725444 (paperback, Avon, 1996); ISBN: 0785797416 (Econo-Clad Books, 1999). [autism,account]
Linda A. Hodgdon.
Visual Strategies for Improving Communication: Practical Supports for School and Home (Troy, Michigan: QuirkRoberts Publishing, 1995). Related to TEACCH program. I've also seen it titled: Visual Strategies for Improving Communication, Volume I: Practical Supports for School and Home. http://www.usevisualstrategies/book1/book1.htm ISBN: 0961678615 (218 pages). [autism,disability]
Rita Jordan & Stuart Powell.
Understanding and Teaching Children With Autism (New York: Wiley, 1995). ISBN: 0471958883 (paperback, 188 pages); ISBN: 0471957143 (paperback, 188 pages). [autism,se]
Hans E. Kehrer.
Autismus: diagnostische, therapeutische und soziale Aspekte (Heidelberg: Asanger, 1995). Reader: The best German book; comprehensive, concise, fairly easy reading, open for alternative therapies while remaining conservatively skeptical about them, very good overview for parents and professionals. ISBN: 3893343083 (222 pages); ISBN: 3893343105 . [autism,german]
Hans E. Kehrer.
Geistige Behinderung und Autismus: Rat unde Hilfe fur eine Begleitung durchs Leben (Stutgardt: TRIAS, 1995). ISBN: 3893732969 (200 pages). [autism,german]
Ami Klin & Fred Volkmar.
Asperger's Syndrome: Guidelines for Assessment and Diagnosis (Learning Disabilities Association of America, 1995). [autism,aspergers]
Robert L. Koegel, ed & Lynn Kern Koegel, ed.
Teaching Children with Autism: Strategies for initiating positive interactions and improving learning opportunities (Baltimore: Paul H. Brookes, 1995). ISBN: 1557661804 (paperback, 256 pages). [autism,se]
Jax Peters Lowell.
Against the Grain: The Slightly Eccentric Guide to Living Well Without Gluten or Wheat (Henry Holt, 1995). Revised as The Gluten-Free Bible. ISBN: 0805036245 (hardcover, 291 pages); ISBN: 0805036253 (paperback, Henry Holt, 1996). [autism,allergy]
T. McKernan & J. Mortlock.
Autism Focus (Outset, 1995). ISBN: 1872889808 (paperback, 102 pages). [autism]
Donald J. Meyer, ed.
Uncommon Fathers: Reflections on Raising a Child with a Disability (Woodbine House, 1995). ISBN: 0933149689 (paperback, 206 pages). [autism,account,disability]
Kathleen Ann Quill, ed.
Teaching Children with Autism: Strategies to Enhance Communication and Socialization (New York: Delmar, 1995). Recommended by at least one participant of the AUTISM list as a good introduction to Autism. Includes chapters from 14 contributors including Temple Grandin, Carol Grey, Barry Prizant, Diane Twachtman, and Kathleen Quill. Another participant: "found helpful in training teachers". Includes information on modelling. ISBN: 0827362692 (paperback, 315 pages). [autism,se]
Adair Renning.
The Ultimate Treasure Hunt: Finding the Child Inside (1995). ISBN: 0964877309 (paperback, 281 pages, Future Horizons). [autism,account]
Adriana Rocha & Kristi Jorde.
A Child of Eternity: An Extraordinary Young Girl's Message from the World Beyond (Ballantine Books, 1995). Adriana is non-verbal and autistic and began using facilitated communication with her mother, Kristi, at age 9. Includes some unusual claims. ISBN: 034538945X (hardcover, 299 pages). [autism,account,fc]
Oliver Sacks.
An Anthropologist on Mars (1995). Book describing several people with neurological anomalies including autistic people. Includes some art by autistic artist. ISBN: 0679756973 (paperback, Vintage Books, 1996); ISBN: 0679439560 (audio cassette, Random House, 1995). [autism,account,disability]
Eric Schopler, ed.
Parent Survival Manual: A Guide to Crisis Resolution in Autism and Related Developmental Disorders (New York: Plenum Press, 1995). Compilation of 350 anecdotes by parents on how they resolved particular behavior problems with comments on each anecdote. Also bibliography and resource list. Chapters include Repetitive Behaviors and Special Interests, Communication, Play and Leisure, Aggression, Toileting and Hygiene, Eating and Sleeping, Behavior Management, Community Support. ISBN: 0306449773 (paperback, 240 pages). [autism,parent,se]
Eric Schopler & Gary B. Mesibov, ed.
Learning and Cognition in Autism (New York: Plenum Press, 1995). Part of the series Current Issues in Autism. ISBN: 0306448718 (hardcover, 346 pages). [autism]
Birger Sellin.
I Don't Want to be Inside Me Anymore (New York: Basic Books, 1995). Anthea Bell's translation of the German book, ich will kein inmich mehr sein. ISBN: 0465031722 ; ISBN: 0465088880 (HarperCollins, 1996). [autism,account,fc]
Birger Sellin.
In dark hours I find my way: Messages from an autistic mind (London: Victor Gollancz, 1995). Translated by Anthea Bell. ISBN: 0575058021 (paperback, 240 pages, Orion, 1995). [autism,account]
Artikelsamling, Autisme '95 (Kobenhavn: SIKON, Socialministeriets informations- og konsulentvirksomhet, 1995). Conference in Denmark. ISBN: 8760148950 (184 pages). [autism,proceedings,danish]
Marcia Datlow Smith, Ronald G. Belcher & Patricia D. Juhrs.
A Guide to Successful Employment for Individuals with Autism (Baltimore: Paul H. Brookes, 1995). Comprehensive guide on vocational hiring of persons with autism. ISBN: 1557661715 (paperback, 336 pages, 1997). [autism,adult]
Sheila R. Spensley.
Frances Tustin: The Borderlands of Autism and Psychosis (London: Routledge, 1995). Part of the series The Makers of Modern Psychotherapy. Also, New York. ISBN: 0415092620 (hardcover, 176 pages); ISBN: 0415092639 (paperback, 176 pages). [autism,biography,psychoanalysis]
Virginia Walker Sperry & Sally Provence.
Fragile Success: Nine Autistic Children, Childhood to Adulthood (North Haven, Conn.: Archon Books, 1995). Traces their lives for over 25 years. See also 2nd Edition. ISBN: 0208024131 (hardcover, 234 pages). [autism,account]
Annabel Stehli, ed.
Dancing in the Rain: Stories of Exceptional Progress by Parents of Children with Special Needs (Georgiana, 1995). Followup to The Sound of a Miracle: stories about families experiences with AIT. Not all the stories concern autism. Also tells what it is like to have super-sensitive hearing. ISBN: 0964483807 (paperback). [autism,account,ait]
Colwyn Trevarthen, ed, Kenneth J. Aitken & Despina Padoudi.
Children with Autism: Diagnosis and Intervention to Meet Their Needs (London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 1995). Second edition is available (see below). Reviews the research and current approaches. Includes chapter on music therapy. Possibly also known as Autism in children: Diagnosis and Interventions to meet their needs ISBN: 1853023140 (paperback, 228 pages). [autism,treatment]
Donna Williams.
Not Just Anything (Future Horizons, 1995). Reader: a number of autistic people...are quite attached to it. ISBN: 1885477155 (paperback, 180 pages); ISBN: 1843102285 (paperback, 144 pages, Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2004). [autism,account]