Autism Books - 1991

Children with Autism: a collection of papers (The Inge Wakehurst Trust, 1991). [autism]
Managing Feeding Difficulties in Children with Autism (National Autistic Society, 1991). [autism]
Maureen Aarons & Tessa Gittens.
The Handbook of Autism: a Guide for Parents and Professionals (London: Travistock/Routledge, 1991). Also New York. 128 pages. Paperback. The authors are speech and language therapists. ISBN: 0415055660 (paperback, 144 pages, Routledge, 1991); ISBN: 0415055652 (hardcover, 140 pages, Tavistock, 1992). [autism,parent,intro]
Juliette Alvin & Auriel Warwick.
Music therapy for the autistic child, 2nd ed (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1991). Also New York. ISBN: 0198162766 (paperback, 152 pages). [autism,music]
Autism Research Unit.
Therapeutic Approaches to Autism: Research and Practice (1991). Proceedings from the 1991 conference of the Autism Research Unit of the University of Sunderland. [autism,proceedings]
C. Brock.
Able autistic pupils transferring to mainstream secondary school (The University of Nottingham, 1991). [autism,aspergers,se]
Nancy J. Dalrymple.
Helping People With Autism Manage Their Behavior (Indiana Resource Center for Autism, 1991). [autism]
Nancy J. Dalrymple, Susan Gray & Lisa Ruble.
Sex Education: Issues for the Person with Autism (Indiana Resource Center for Autism, 1991). Part of the series Functional Programming for People with Autism. 18 pages. [autism,se]
Nancy Dalrymple & Margaret Boarman.
Toileting, Revised (Indiana Resource Center for Autism, 1991). Originally 1989. 17 pages. [autism]
Valerie DePalma & Marci Wheeler.
Learning Self-care Skills (Indiana Resource Center for Autism, 1991). Part of the series Functional Programming for People with Autism. 30 pages. [autism]
Anne G. Fisher, Elizabeth A Murray & Anita C. Bundy.
Sensory Integration: Theory and Practice (Philadelphia: F. A. Davis, 1991). ISBN: 0803635656 (paperback 418 pages). [autism,ot]
Uta Frith, ed.
Autism and Asperger's Syndrome (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1991). Also New York. Reprinted 1994. 247 pages. Reader: a good book on Asperger Syndrome. Includes chapter: The autobiographical writings of three Asperger syndrome adults" by Happe. ISBN: 052138608X (paperback); ISBN: 0521384486 (hardcover). [autism,aspergers]
Temple Grandin & Margaret M. Scariano.
Emergence: Labeled Autistic (Navato, California: Arena Press, 1991). Updated references. ISBN: 0446671827 (paperback, 180 pages, Warner Books, 1996). [autism,account]
Denise Herbaudiere.
Cati, ou, Les sentiers de la vie : une enfant autiste a l'age adulte (Paris: P. Belfond, 1991). ISBN: 2714426832 (259 pages). [autism,french]
Patricia St. John.
The Secret Language of Dolphins (New York: Summit Books, 1991). Applying to autistic children ideas about communication derived from working with dolphins. Also refers to facilitated communication and psychic powers. Also published under the title Beyond words: unlocking the secrets to communicating. ISBN: 158444021X (paperback, 320 pages, Disc-Us Books, 1999). [autism]
Hans E. Kehrer, Barbara Classen & Jans-Joachim Peter.
Internationale Autismus-Bibliographe (Weinheim: Deutscher Studien Verlag, 1991). "International bibliography of autism" ISBN: 3892711933 (225 pages). [autism,bibliography,german]
Susan Moreno.
High Functioning Individuals with Autism: Advice and information for parents and others who care (Crown Point, Indiana: MAAP Services, 1991). Advice and information for parents, etc. [autism,aspergers]
Richard Simpson, ed, Brenda Smith Myles, Gary M. Sasso & Debra Kamps.
Social Skills for Students with Autism (CEC Mini-Library, 1991). A second edition is available as of 1997. ISBN: 0865862028 (paperback). [autism,se]
Annabel Stehli.
The Sound of a Miracle, A Child's Triumph Over Autism (New York: Doubleday, 1991). Account of author's daughter Georgiana's astonishing recovery from autism after receiving Auditory Integration Training from Dr. Guy Berard, a physician in Annecy, France. Note the book is out in a second edition (below). ISBN: 0380717395 ; ISBN: 0385411405 (4th Estate, 1992, paperback). [autism,account,ait]
Digby Tantam.
A Mind of One's Own, 2nd edition (National Autism Society, 1991). [autism,aspergers]
Stephen Wiltshire.
Floating Cities: Venice, Amsterdam, Leningrad and Moscow (London: Michael Joseph, 1991). 146 pages. Also New York: Summit, 1991. Pictures by an autistic artist, age 16. Forward by Oliver Sacks. [autism,account]