Autism Books - 1988

Kim Andis, Judy Brookhiser, Nancy J. Dalrymple, Dana Flanders, Joy Lucas & Jill McLaughlin.
Teaching Community Skills and Behaviors to Students with Autism or Related Problems of Communication and Social Interaction. Rev. (Indiana Resource Center for Autism, 1988). 117 pages. [autism,se]
Elva Duran.
Teaching the Moderately and Severely handicapped Student and Autistic Adolescent (With Particular Attention to Bilingual Children) (Charles Thomas, 1988). [autism,se]
Penny Rosell Giesbrecht.
Where is God when a Child Suffers? (Hannibal Books, 1988). ISBN: 0929292022 (paperback, 180 pages). [autism,account,religious]
Gerald Groden & M. Grace Baron, ed.
Autism: Strategies for Change: a comprehensive approach to the education and treatment of children with autism and related disorders (New York: Gardner Press, 1988). ISBN: 0898761352 (hardcover, 244 pages); ISBN: 0685181766 (hardcover, Amereon Press, 1991); ISBN: 0898761840 (paperback, 1991). [autism,se,treatment]
Richard H. Haas, Isabelle Rapin & Hugo W. Moser.
Rett Syndrome and Autism (Year Book Medical Pub, 1988). Part of the series Issues in Neurology. ISBN: 9998180252 . [autism,disability]
Janice E. Janzen.
Autism (Resource Access Project, Portland State University, 1988). [autism]
Gary B. Mesibov, Eric Schopler, Bruce Schaffer & Rhonda Landrus.
Adolescent and Adult Psychoeducational Profile (AAPEP): Volume IV (1988). Part of the series Individualized Assessment and Treatment for Autistic and Developmentally Disabled Children. Fourth of four volumes that contain the theoretical and application guidelines of TEACCH. Available from Pro-ed & NC bookstore. ISBN: 089079152X (spiral bound, 1989). [autism,treatment,teacch]
Paul S. Miller.
Autism Ecological: Issues in intervention (Aspen, 1988). ISBN: 0871899329 (hardcover). [autism]
Eric Schopler & Gary B. Mesibov, ed.
Diagnosis and Assessment in Autism (Plenum Press, 1988). Part of the series Current Issues in Autism. ISBN: 030642889X (hardcover). [autism,teacch]
Laura Ellen Schreibman.
Autism (Newbury Park, Calif.: Sage Publications, 1988). Part of the series Developmental Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry. 188 pages. Volume 15 in the series. ISBN: 0803928092 ; ISBN: 0803928106 (paperback). [autism]
Richard L. Simpson & Madelyn Regan.
Management of Autistic Behavior (Austin, Texas: Pro-Ed, 1988). Revised edition. ISBN: 0890791961 (paperback, 450 pages). [autism,se]
Autism Bibliography (TASH, 1988). ISBN: 9991765905 (paperback). [autism,bibliography]
Digby Tantam.
A Mind of One's Own: a guide to the special difficulties and needs of the more able person with autism, for parents, professionals and people with autism (1988). [autism,aspergers]
Linda R. Watson, Catherine Lord, Bruce Schaffer & Eric Schopler.
Teaching Spontaneous Communication to Autistic and Developmentally Handicapped Children (New York: Irvington Publishers Inc., 1988). Part of the series Individualized Assessment and Treatment for Autistic and Developmentally Disabled Children. Includes proposed assessment test for communication skills. ISBN: 0829018328 (hardcover); ISBN: 0890795282 (paperback, 139 pages, Pro Ed, 1991). [autism,teacch]
Debra Whorton, Dale Walker, Jill McGrale & David Rotholz.
Alternative instructional strategies for students with autism and other developmental disabilities : peer tutoring and group teaching procedures (Austin, Texas: Pro-Ed, 1988). ISBN: 0890791511 (65 pages). [autism,se]
Lorna Wing, ed.
Aspects of Autism: Biological Research (London: Gaskell, 1988). Part of the series Gaskell Psychiatry. From conference at the University of Kent, 18-20 September, 1987. [autism,proceedings]