Autism Books - 1985

Attachment and Autism (1985). I haven't been able to relocate any reference to this book: it might be Autism and Attachment. ISBN: 9999532403 . [autism]
The Special Curricular Needs of Autistic Children (The Association of Head Teachers of Autistic Children and Adults, 1985). [autism,se]
Irving Dickman.
One Miracle at a Time (New York: Simon & Schuster, 1985). I'm not certain this is specifically about autism. [autism]
Anne M. Donnellan.
Classic Readings in Autism (New York: Teachers College Press, 1985). Part of the series Special Education. 440 pages. A collection of research papers on autism, many of which are otherwise hard to find. Includes Kanner's original paper describing the syndrome. ISBN: 0807727741 . [autism]
David Eastham.
Understand (Oliver Pate, 1985). 56 pages. A book of poetry developed by a student labeled autistic who uses facilitated communication to express his ideas. His poetry gives insight into the experiences of people labeled autistic. The author was the subject of the book Silent Words. [autism,poetry,fc]
David Holmes.
Establishing Group Homes for Adults with Autism (Princeton, New Jersey: Eden Press, 1985). [autism,adult]
K. R. Lauries, ed..
Directory of Programs Serving Children and Adults with Autism, 5th ed. (Washington, D.C.: The Autism Society of America, 1985). [autism,adult]
Minneapolis Children's Medical Center.
Autism...A Family Affair (Fraser Child and Family Center, 1985). ISBN: 9999532365 . [autism]
National Conference on Autism.
National Conference on Autism, Rockville, Maryland, April 2-4, 1985 (Hot Springs, Ark.: Arkansas Research and Training Center in Vocational Rehabilitation, 1985). [autism,proceedings]
Eric Schopler, ed & Gary B. Mesibov, ed.
Communication Problems in Autism (New York: Plenum Press, 1985). Part of the series Current Issues in Autism. Based upon 4th TEACCH conference, 1983. ISBN: 0306418592 (paperback, 333 pages). [autism,proceedings,teacch]
Linda S. Siegel & Fredrick J. Morrison, ed.
Cognitive development in atypical children: progress in cognitive development research (New York: Springer-Verlag, 1985). Part of the series Cognitive development. 184 pages [autism,disability]
Andor Joseph Tari.
Annotated bibliography of autism, 1943-1983 (Guelph: Ontario Society for Autistic Children, 1985). ISBN: 0889550352 . [autism,bibliography]
Lorna Wing.
Autistic Children: a guide for parents and professionals, 2nd ed (Brunner/Mazel, 1985). 174 pages. Also, Citadel Press, New Jersey. ISBN: 0876300522 ; ISBN: 0876303912 (hardcover, 176 pages). [autism,intro,parent]