Autism Books - 1983

Carolyn Betts.
A Special Kind of Normal (Scribner, 1983). Revised version of Label Me Jeff. ISBN: 0684177781 . [autism,account]
Paige Shaughnessy Hinerman.
Teaching autistic children to communicate (Rockville, Md.: Aspen Systems Corp., 1983). 205 pages. ISBN: 0894438840 . [autism,se]
Rachel Pinney, Mimi Schlachter & Anthea Courtenay.
Bobby: Breakthrough of a Special Child (New York: St. Martin's/Marek, 1983). Also Harvill Press, London, 1983. Treatment by a "non-directive" therapy approach, which since Bobby was a "wanderer" involved following him up and down in elevators and around the New York subway system. ISBN: 0070500924 (New York: McGraw-Hill, 1986, 250 pages); ISBN: 0312087314 . [autism,account]
Eric Schopler & Gary B. Mesibov, ed.
Autism in Adolescents and Adults (New York: Plenum Press, 1983). Part of the series Current Issues in Autism. ISBN: 0306410575 (hardcover, 438 pages). [autism,adolescent,adult,teacch]
Lorna Selfe.
Normal and Anomalous Representational Drawing Ability in Children (Academic Press, 1983). ISBN: 0126357609 . [autism]
Niko A. Tinbergen & Elisabeth A. Tinbergen.
"Autistic" Children: New Hope for a Cure (London: Allen & Unwin, 1983). Also Boston. 362 pages. Describes holding therapy. Written by a Nobel Laureate (in ethology rather than psychology) judged to have gone off the deep end by some. He favored the theory that autism was caused by inadequate bonding between child and mother. ISBN: 0041570111 ; ISBN: 0041570103 . [autism,holding]
George Victor.
The Riddle of Autism: a Psychological Analysis (Lexington, Mass.: Lexingtonbooks, 1983). Part of the series The Master work series. ISBN: 0669064475 (335 pages); ISBN: 1568215738 (paperback, 356 pages, Northvale, N.J.: Jason Aronson). [autism]