Autism Books - 1979

Jean Ayres.
Sensory Integration and the Child (Los Angeles, California: Western Psychological Services, 1979). Also 1983. With Jeff Robbins. Reader: easy to understand information on the sensory system. ISBN: 0874241588 . [autism,si,treatment]
Carolyn Betts.
Label Me Jeff (NSAC, 1979). [autism,account]
Marg Csapo.
Teaching children with autistic tendencies: a resource guide for teachers (Victoria Special Programs Branch: Province of British Columbia, Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology,, 1979). ISBN: 0771981988 (182 pages). [autism,se]
Marian K. DeMyer.
Parents and Children in Autism (Washington: V. H. Winston, 1979). Also New York: Wiley. 277 pages. A small encyclopedia of information on children, parents, and families. Follows 155 autistic children and their families. [autism,parent]
Harlan L. Lane.
The Wild Boy of Aveyron (London: Paladin Books, Granada Publishing, 1979). Extensively quotes Itard's book on the same subject. ISBN: 0674953002 (paperback, Harvard U Press, 1979). [autism]
Amy L. Lettic.
Benhaven then and now (New Haven: Benhaven Press, 1979). 419 pages. [autism,se]
Maria J. Paluszny.
Autism: a practical guide for parents and professionals (Syracuse, N.Y.: Syracuse University Press, 1979). 179 pages. Forward by Eric Schopler, contributions by James L. Paul. Sections: The Autistic Child; Diagnosis; Etiology; Overview of Therapies; Educational Responsibility; Educational Programming; Parent Involvement; Future Planning. ISBN: 0815622120 ; ISBN: 0815622252 . [autism,parent]
Eric Schopler, Robert J. Reichler, Ann Bashford, Margaret D. Lansing & Lee M. Marcus.
Psychoeducational Profile--Revised (PEP-R): Volume I (Baltimore: University Park Press, 1979). Part of the series Individualized Assessment and Treatment for Autistic and Developmentally Disabled Children. First of four volumes that contain the theoretical and application guidelines of TEACCH. Available from Pro-ed & NC bookstore. ISBN: 0839112793 (paperback); ISBN: 0890792380 (spiral-bound paperback, Pro Ed, 1990). [autism,treatment,teacch]
Linda Rumanoff Simonson.
A Curriculum Model for Individuals with Severe Learning and Behavior Disorders (Baltimore: University Park Press, 1979). ISBN: 0839113226 (paperback, 320 pages). [autism,disability,se]