Autism Books - 1973

Leida Berg & Harold Steinberg.
In Search of a Response (New York: Tiresias Press, 1973). Fictionalized account of the diaries of the parents of a schizophrenic boy. ISBN: 0913292001 (613 pages). [autism]
Serafina Poch Blasco.
Musicoterapia para ninos autistas: historia de la musicoterapia espanola (Madrid: Poch Blasco, 1973). 59 pages. [autism,music,spanish]
James Copeland.
For the Love of Ann (London: Arrow books, 1973). Based on the diary of Ann's father, Jack Hodges outlines how they helped Ann break free of her autistic world and join their world. People who object to aversives will not like the methods employed. ISBN: 0099071207 (155 pages); ISBN: 0727801511 (156 pages, London: Severn House, 1976, revised edition); ISBN: 0345253329 . [autism,account]
Martin A. Kozloff.
Reaching the Autistic Child: A Parent Training Program (Cambridge, Ma.: Brookline Books, 1973). Also Research Press, 1973, Brookline. An introduction to behavioral methods. [autism,behavioral,treatment,parent]
M. McCracken.
A Circle of Children: A Teacher's Dedication and Love (Lippincott, 1973). [autism,account]
National Society for Autistic Children.
Nowhere to go: a report on the plight of autistic adolescents (London: National Society for Autistic Children, 1973). 10 pages. ISBN: 0902502077 . [autism,adolescent]
Rosalind C. Oppenheim.
Effective teaching methods for autistic children (Springfield, Ill.: Charles C. Thomas, 1973). ISBN: 0398028583 (hardcover, 116 pages). [autism,se,account,fc]
Stanislaus Andrew Szurek, ed. & I. N. Berlin, ed..
Clinical Studies in Childhood Psychoses: 25 Years in Collaborative Treatment and Research: The Langley Porter Children's Service (New York: Brunner/Mazel, 1973). Reader: parent-blaming psychoanalytic writings on autism. ISBN: 0876300603 . [autism,psychoanalysis]
Lorna Wing.
Children Apart: autistic children and their families (London: National Association for Mental Health, 1973). Revised edition. 24 pages. ISBN: 0900557184 . [autism]