Autism Books - 1972

Jean Ayres.
Sensory Integration and Learning Disorders (Los Angeles, California: Western Psychological Services, 1972). Includes bibliography. ISBN: 0874243033 (294 pages). [autism,si]
Joan B. Chase.
Retrolental fibroplasia and autistic symptomatology (American foundation for the blind, 1972). [autism]
Josh Greenfield.
A Child Called Noah: A Family Journey (Holt, Reinhart, & Winston, 1972). I think its out of print. Also 1979 printing by Pocket Books. (Continued by A Place for Noah). 190 pages. About Noah Jiro Greenfield, born 1966. ISBN: 0446761990 ; ISBN: 0671826514 ; ISBN: 0156168626 ; ISBN: 0030913845 . [autism,account]
Jules Henry.
Pathways to Madness (London: Jonathan Cape, 1972). Accounts of different families with a mentally ill, mentally handicapped, or autistic family member. The families are deemed to be entirely to blame. [autism,disability]
National Society for Autistic Children.
Children still in chains: 10 years after (London: National Society for Autistic Children, 1972). 8 pages. [autism]
Peter Rowlands.
The Fugitive mind; early development of an autistic child (London: Dent, 1972). 146 pages. Acount by a parent. ISBN: 0460078763 . [autism,account]
Michael Rutter.
Maternal deprivation reassessed (Penguin, 1972). I don't know if this is about autism. [autism]
Uwe Stuecher.
Tommy: a treatment study of an autistic child (Arlington, Va.: Council for Exceptional Children, 1972). 52 pages. Attempt to combine aversive-free behaviour modification techniques with relationship-building and play techniques to develop social interaction. ISBN: 0865860866 . [autism,account]
Elisabeth A. Tinbergen & Niko Tinbergen.
Early Childhood Autism: An Ethological Approach (Berlin: Parey, 1972). Part of the series Advances in Ethology. Number 10 in the series. ISBN: 3489780361 (53 pages). [autism]
Frances Tustin.
Autism and Childhood Psychosis (London: Hogarth Press, 1972). ISBN: 0701203609 (200 pages); ISBN: 1855751100 (Brunner/Mazel, 1995); ISBN: 0876680554 (Science House, New York). [autism]
Lorna Wing.
Autistic Children: a guide for parents and professionals (New York: Brunner/Mazel, 1972). 157 pages. Second edition available (below). ISBN: 0094630100 (hardcover, Academic Press Canada, 1980); ISBN: 0806504080 (paperback, 249 pages, Citadel Press, 1979). [autism,intro,parent]