Autism Books - 1970

Gerhard Bosch.
Infantile Autism: A Clinical and Phenomenological-Anthropological Approach Taking Language as the Guide (New York: Springer-Verlag, 1970). 158 pages. Translation of Der fruhkindliche Autismus. A philosophical study of the language of autism. [autism]
Mitchell R. Burkowsky, ed.
Parents and Teachers Guide to the Care of Autistic Children (Syracuse, NY: Systems Educators, Inc., 1970). [autism,parent,se]
Richard Anthony D'Ambrosio.
No Language but a Cry (Doubleday, 1970). I saw this book categorized as "autistic children". In fact, it is about a child who doesn't speak because she's battered. ISBN: 0385053800 (hardcover). [autism,account]
Beate Hermelin & Neil O'Connor.
Psychological experiments with autistic children (Oxford: Pergamon Press, 1970). Also New York. 142 pages. [autism]
S. J. Hutt & Corinne Hutt, ed.
Behaviour studies in psychiatry: based on the proceedings of a symposium held at the Human Development Research Unit, Park Hospital for Children, Oxford, July 1968 (Oxford: Pergamon Press, 1970). Also New York. 223 pages. [autism,disability,proceedings]
Isaac Newton Kugelmass.
The Autistic Child (Charles C. Thomas Pub Ltd, 1970). or 1974? ISBN: 0398010595 . [autism]
National Society for Autistic Children.
Facilities available for autistic children: a report (London: National Society for Autistic Children, 1970). 15 pages. ISBN: 0902502050 . [autism]
Doris Weber.
Der fruhkindliche Autismus unter dem Aspekt der Entwicklung (Bern: Hans Huber, 1970). 117 pages. [autism,german]
Lorna Wing.
Children Apart: autistic children and their families (London: British Medical Association in conjunction with the National Association for Mental Health, 1970). Part of the series A Family doctor booklet. 31 pages ISBN: 0900221240 . [autism]