Autism Books - Poetry Books

David Eastham.
Understand (Oliver Pate, 1985). 56 pages. A book of poetry developed by a student labeled autistic who uses facilitated communication to express his ideas. His poetry gives insight into the experiences of people labeled autistic. The author was the subject of the book Silent Words. [autism,poetry,fc]
Theresa S. Kearns & Curtis J. Jones.
A Family Affair: Thoughts Flowing From The Soul, A Mother & Son's Poetic Vessel (Media Publishing, 2005). ISBN: 1597440205 (paperback). [autism,aspergers,account,poetry]
Sandra McPherson.
The Spaces Between Birds: Mother/Daughter Poems, 1967-1995 (Wesleyan University Press, 1996). Part of the series Wesleyan Poetry. Poems about author's relationship with her daughter, who has Asperger's. ISBN: 0819522279 (hardcover); ISBN: 0819522287 (paperback). [autism,poetry]
David Miedzianik.
Now All I've Got Left Is Myself [autism,poetry]
David Miedzianik.
Taking the Load off my Mind [autism,poetry]
Connie Post.
Letting Go (1989). Poetry. [autism,poetry]
Connie Post.
Seasons of Love, Seasons of Loss (1992). Poetry by woman who has a son with autism. [autism,poetry]
Craig Romkema.
Embracing the Sky: Poems Beyond Disability (Jessica Kingsley, 2002). ISBN: 1843107287 (paperback, 80 pages). [autism,poetry,account]