Autism Books - Holding Therapy

Catherine Maurice.
Let Me Hear Your Voice: A Family's Triumph over Autism (New York: Fawcett Columbia, 1993). Also Knopf. Mother's account of using the Lovaas's Behavior Modification method with her children. Also has comments on Holding Therapy. Includes a good description of the grieving process parents go through. This has also been highly recommended as a good book for a parent who is depressed over having an autistic child. ISBN: 0679408630 (hardcover, 371 pages, Knopf, 1993); ISBN: 0449906647 (paperback, 371 pages, 1994). [autism,account,behavioral,holding,treatment]
Niko A. Tinbergen & Elisabeth A. Tinbergen.
"Autistic" Children: New Hope for a Cure (London: Allen & Unwin, 1983). Also Boston. 362 pages. Describes holding therapy. Written by a Nobel Laureate (in ethology rather than psychology) judged to have gone off the deep end by some. He favored the theory that autism was caused by inadequate bonding between child and mother. ISBN: 0041570111 ; ISBN: 0041570103 . [autism,holding]