Autism Books - Account or case study of a disabled person

Christina Adams.
A Real Boy: A True Story of Autism, Early Intervention, and Recovery (Berkley Trade, 2005). ISBN: 0425202437 (paperback, 336 pages). [autism,account]
Anne Addison.
One Small Starfish (Future Horizons, 2002). ISBN: 1885477872 (hardcover, 373 pages). [autism,aspergers,account,parent,adhd]
Margaret Anderson.
Tales from the Table: Five Accounts of Lovaas Intervention With Children on the Autistic Spectrum (Jessica Kingsley Pub, forthcoming). ISBN: 1843103060 (paperback, 160 pages, due 5/15/2006). [autism,account,behavioral]
Linda Andron, editor.
Our Journey Through High Functioning Autism and Asperger Syndrome: A Roadmap (Jessica Kingsley Pub, 2001). Forewords by Tony Attwood and Liane Holliday Willey. ISBN: 1853029475 (paperback, 160 pages). [autism,aspergers,account]
Cindy N. Ariel, editor & Robert A. Naseef, editor.
Voices from the Spectrum: Parents, Grandparents, Siblings, People With Autism, And Professionals Share Their Wisdom (Jessica Kingsley Pub, forthcoming). ISBN: 1843107864 (paperback, 256 pages, due 2/15/2006). [autism,account,family]
Karen Armstrong.
The Spiral Staircase: My Climb Out of Darkness (Knopf, 2004). Karen Armstrong has written other books about religion. This is a memoir of some of her own soul searching. Included are some experiences helping take care of an autistic young man. ISBN: 0375413189 (hardcover, 336 pages); ISBN: 0007122284 (hardcover, HarperCollins, 2004); ISBN: 0385721277 (paperback, 336 pages, Anchor, 2005); ISBN: 1594150672 (large print paperback, 530 pages, Walker Large Print, 2005); ISBN: 0060594381 (abridged audio CD, HarperAudio, 2004); ISBN: 0060587040 (abridged audio cassette, HarperAudio, 2004). [autism,account]
Maxine Aston.
Aspergers in Love: Couple Relationships and Family Affairs (Jessica Kingsley, 2003). ISBN: 1843101157 (paperback, 232 pages). [autism,aspergers,adult,account]
Connie M. Aull.
Letting Go of Jason: A Young Man with Asperger's Syndrome and Bipolar Disorder (iUniverse, 2005). ISBN: 0595342132 (paperback, 108 pages). [autism,aspergers,disability,account]
Autism National Committee.
New Stories for a New Day. [autism,account]
Virginia Mae Axline.
Dibs in Search of Self (Ballantine, 1964). The author is associated with Play Therapy and wrote a book on the subject. The story is about Dibs who the book does not label autistic, but though the book describes him to be emotionally disturbed, the symptoms described include those associated with autism. ISBN: 0345339258 (paperback, 220 pages, reissue edition 1990). [autism,account,play]
A. Jean Ayres, Robert R. Erwin & Zoe Mailloux.
Love, Jean: Inspiration for Families Living with Dysfunction of Sensory Integration (Crestport Press, 2004). Excerpts from Jean Ayres' letters with commentary. ISBN: 097250981X (paperback, 150 pages). [autism,si,treatment,account]
Caspian Banki.
What Autism Means to Me (Lifelight Books, 2003). ISBN: 0974380105 (paperback, 40 pages). [autism,account]
Judy Barron & Sean Barron.
There's a Boy in Here (Chapmans, 1993). Sean Barron and his mother, Judy Barron report on their experiences with autism. Sean has autism. His is one of very few autobiographical accounts. And it gives unusual, exceptionally clear insights into the disability and its many manifestations. There is much in this book that supports what has been seen through facilitated communication. ISBN: 1885477864 (paperback, 279 pages, Future Horizons, 2002); ISBN: 0671761110 (264 pages, New York: Simon & Schuster, 1992); ISBN: 0380722925 (paperback, Avon Books, 1992, reprint). [autism,account]
Dorothy Beavers.
Autism: Nightmare Without End (Ashley Books, 1981). ISBN: 0879491671 (hardcover). [autism,account]
Carolyn Betts.
Label Me Jeff (NSAC, 1979). [autism,account]
Carolyn Betts.
A Special Kind of Normal (Scribner, 1983). Revised version of Label Me Jeff. ISBN: 0684177781 . [autism,account]
Tom Billington.
Separating, Losing and Excluding Children: Narratives of Difference (Falmer Pr, 2000). ISBN: 0415230888 (hardcover, 192 pages); ISBN: 0415230896 (hardcover, 192 pages). [autism,account,se]
Jen Birch.
Congratulations! It's Asperger Syndrome (Jessica Kingsley, 2003). ISBN: 1843101122 (paperback, 270 pages). [autism,aspergers,account]
Lucy Blackman.
Lucy's Story: Autism and Other Adventures (Book In Hand, 1999). ISBN: 0646374087 ; ISBN: 1843100428 (paperback, 288 pages, Jessica Kingsley Pub, 2001). [autism,account]
Cherlene Brandl.
Facilitated Communication: Case Studies -- See Us Smart! (Ann Arbor, MI: Robbie Dean Press, 1999). [autism,fc,account]
Ellen A. Brantlinger, Susan M. Klein & Samuel L. Guskin.
Fighting for Darla : challenges for family care and professional responsibility : the case study of a pregnant adolescent with autism (New York: Teachers College Press, 1994). 161 pages. [autism,account]
John Brine & Patricia Brine.
Confusion, Loneliness, Depression: Asperger's Syndrome - A Journey (2000). [autism,aspergers,account]
Gary Brown.
Little Bubba's Not Ready for National Yet: Case Histories of Kids with Autism and Other Neuropsychological Disorders (2001). [autism,account]
Rhonda Brunett.
From Autism to All-Star (Specialty Publishing Company, 2004). ISBN: 0975519913 (electronic, 123 pages). [autism,account]
Jean Bryant.
The Opening Door (1993). ISBN: 0646158635 (paperback, 229 pages). [autism,account]
Howard Buten.
Through the Glass Wall: Journeys Into the Closed-Off Worlds of the Autistic (Bantam, 2004). ISBN: 0553803468 (hardcover, 192 pages); ISBN: 0553382322 (paperback, 192 pages, Bantam, due March 2005). [autism,account]
Mary Callahan.
Fighting for Tony (New York: Simon & Schuster, 1987). Describes mother's experience dealing with her son's cerebral allergies & the son's dramatic improved after cow's milk was eliminated from his diet. ISBN: 0671632655 (172 pages); ISBN: 0671644564 . [autism,account,allergy]
Lindsley Cameron.
The Music of Light: The Extraordinary Story of Hikari and Kenzaburo Oe (Simon & Schuster, 1998). About the acclaimed autistic composer Hikari Oe, and his relationship with his father, the Nobel Prize-winning author Kenzaburo Oe. To explain the title, "Hikari" means "light". See also Kenzaburo Oe's A Healing Family. Two CDs of Hikari Oe's music are available (Denon 78952 and Denon 78053). ISBN: 0684824094 (hardcover, 256 pages); ISBN: 0783802862 (hardcover, large print, 273 pages). [autism,account,disability]
Denise M Carrier.
Chase of a Lifetime: A Journey through Therapeutic and Academic Strategies for Children on the Autism Spectrum (iUniverse, 2003). ISBN: 0595290337 (paperback, 304 pages). [autism,account]
Eric Y. Chen.
Autism & Self Improvement: My Journey to accept Planet Earth (Singapore: Kentrich Trade Press, 2007). ISBN: 9810589379 (paperback, 153 pages, ISBN-13:978-9810589370). [autism,account]
William Christopher & Barbara Christopher.
Mixed Blessings (Nashville: Abingdon Press, 1989). 224 pages. TV's Father Mulcahy of M*A*S*H and his real-life family share the story of raising son, Ned, who has autism. The Christophers used the intensive and controversial Doman-Delacato techniques to educate and treat Ned at home. The book has a moving section on Ned's troubled adolescence, when he developed epilepsy and violent rages, and the family's search for a group residence that would fit Ned's needs. ISBN: 0380709996 ; ISBN: 0687270847 . [autism,account]
Paul Collins.
Not Even Wrong: Adventures in Autism (Bloomsbury USA, 2004). The 2005 version is titled Not Even Wrong : A Father's Journey into the Lost History of Autism. ISBN: 1582343675 (hardcover, 256 pages); ISBN: 1582344787 (paperback, 256 pages, Bloomsbury USA, 2005). [autism,account]
James Copeland.
For the Love of Ann (London: Arrow books, 1973). Based on the diary of Ann's father, Jack Hodges outlines how they helped Ann break free of her autistic world and join their world. People who object to aversives will not like the methods employed. ISBN: 0099071207 (155 pages); ISBN: 0727801511 (156 pages, London: Severn House, 1976, revised edition); ISBN: 0345253329 . [autism,account]
Mary Anne Coppola.
Through a Mother's Eyes: A View of Autism. 38 pages. [autism,account]
Sharon P. Cowhey.
Going Through the Motions: Coping With Autism (PublishAmerica, 2005). The author is autistic. ISBN: 1413763863 (paperback, 160 pages). [autism,account]
Eleanor Craig.
One, Two, Three ... The Story of Matt, A Feral Child (McGraw-Hill, 1978). Republished 1991. Presents a case history of a child who is variously described as autistic, schizophrenic, and retarded, who is rescued by the therapist author from his over-protective mother. It's unclear whether she believes that his mother caused all his problems or was merely exacerbating them. The book only reveals in very very small print that it's "a composite of a number of cases of the problems faced by the social service and medical profession in the diagnosis, treatment, and development of capabilities of such children" (i.e. this didn't actually take place). [autism,disability,psychoanalysis,account]
Eustacia Cutler.
Thorn in My Pocket: Temple Grandins Mother Tells The Family Story (Future Horizons, 2004). ISBN: 1932565167 (hardcover). [autism,account]
Richard Anthony D'Ambrosio.
No Language but a Cry (Doubleday, 1970). I saw this book categorized as "autistic children". In fact, it is about a child who doesn't speak because she's battered. ISBN: 0385053800 (hardcover). [autism,account]
Richard D'Ambrosio.
No language but a cry (New York: Dell Pub. Co., 1987). Copyright 1970. 314 pages. Account of treatment of a girl who was mute after severe abuse. It is clear she should not be classified as having autism as generally understood. ISBN: 0440364574 (paperback, Dell, 1979). [autism,account,psychoanalysis]
Bill Davis & Wendy Goldband Schunick.
Breaking Autism's Barriers: A Father's Story (Jessica Kingsley, 2001). ISBN: 1853029793 (paperback, 400 pages). [autism,account]
Janice DeBlois & Antonia Felix.
Some Kind of Genius : The Extraordinary Journey of Musical Savant Tony DeBlois (Rodale Books, 2005). ISBN: 1594862737 (hardcover, 256 pages). [autism,account]
Maud Deckmar.
My Son Fred: Living With Autism (Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2004). Translated from Swedish I think. ISBN: 1843103125 (paperback, 224 pages). [autism,account]
Max Desorgher & Sandra Desorgher.
The Power of Exile: Autism, a journey to Recovery (InQuest Publishing, 2002). ISBN: 0620293659 (paperback, 204 pages). [autism,account,nutrition]
Maxine DeVilbiss.
Billy's Story: A 35-Year Journey with Autism I think the book was created 2000 or before. [autism,account]
Kathleen M. Dillon.
Living with Autism: The Parents' Stories (Boone, NC: Parkway, 1995). Discusses problems parents of children with autism often have to face (obtaining a diagnosis, confusion over labeling, unanswered questions of cause, grief and sorrow, trials of day-to-day living, trying to get adequate treatment, stresses on the family, uncertain long range forecast, and social stigma) and ways parents have found to survive and transcend these challenges. These issues are then illustrated with 6 case studies of children ranging in age from 6 to 22 years old and exhibiting a wide range of abilities and needs. ISBN: 0963575279 (235 pages). [autism,account]
Nancy Douglas.
Freedom: Healing For Parents of Disabled Children (forthcoming). Due Spring 2008, [[]] [autism,account]
Margaret Eastham & Anne Grice, ed.
Silent Words: The Story of David Eastham (Ottawa: Oliver Pate, 1992). Also 1990. 236 pages. A true story of the successful education of a non-verbal autistic person (David Eastham, author of Understand) and the techniques through which he learned to communicate. [autism,account,fc]
Stephen M. Edelson, ed & Bernard Rimland, ed.
Treating Autism: Parent Stories of Hope and Success (2003). paperback, 385 pages. [autism,account]
Joanna Edgar.
Love, Hope and Autism (National Autistic Society, 1999). ISBN: 1899280073 (paperback, 110 pages). [autism,account]
Lisa B. Elliott.
Embarrassed Often...Ashamed Never (Autism Asperger Publishing Company, 2002). ISBN: 1931282129 (paperback, 148 pages). [autism,aspergers,account]
Peggie Everard.
Involuntary Strangers: Autism: The problems faced by parents (London: John Clare Books, 1980). Account by a parent; includes information about the founding of UK's National Autistic Society. ISBN: 0906549108 (hardcover, 240 pages). [autism,account]
Christin Fergus.
Dylan's Story: Overcoming Autism, A Childhood Epidemic (Mother Necessity, Inc., 2007). ISBN: 0979657903 (paperback, 272 pages, ISBN-13: 978-0979657900). [autism,account]
Barbara Fischkin.
Dan and Joe; A Young Man with Autism and His Life Coach Enter the Working World (forthcoming). Working title [autism,account]
Marc Fleisher.
Making Sense of the Unfeasible. [autism,account]
Echo R. Fling.
Eating an Artichoke: A Mother's Perspective on Asperger Syndrome (London: Jessica Kingsley, 2000). About her son, Jimmy. Foreword by Tony Attwood. ISBN: 1853027111 (paperback, 200 pages). [autism,aspergers,account]
Mark Frankland.
Freddie the Weaver: The Boy Who Fought To Join The World (London: Sinclair-Stevenson, 1995). The story of a mother's fight for her adopted son who turned out to have autism; and of that child's fight to master his disability. ISBN: 1856192466 (hardcover, 244 pages). [autism,account]
Ray Gallup.
Eric's Story: Autism and the Autoimmune Connection [autism,vaccine,account]
William Garrison.
Small Bargains: Children in Crisis and the Meaning of Parental Love (New York: Simon & Schuster, 1993). Describes the responses of parents to having a disabled, ill, or in any way "different" child. One of the chapters features a boy with Asperger's syndrome. ISBN: 0671786806 . [autism,account,disability]
Geneva Centre.
You Don't Have the Words To Describe What I Experience! The Sensory Experiences of Individuals With Autism Based on First-Hand Accounts (The Geneva Centre). $8.00 for book, $10.00 for tape. (For the publication: write The Geneva Centre, 111 Merton St., 4th Floor, Toronto, Ontario M4S 3A7. Phone 416-322-7877. For the tape write: Audio Archives International, Inc., 100 W. Beaver Creek Rd, Unit 18, Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 1H4. Phone 905-889-8555 x 22. The tape costs $10.00 plus $4.00 mailing and handling. The booklet costs $8.00. Tape # 941027-130 My Senses Are All Messed Up: Sensory Perception and Autism.) [autism,account]
Elizabeth King Gerlach.
Just This Side of Normal: Glimpses of a Life with Autism (Four Leaf Press, 1999). ISBN: 0963757849 (hardcover). [autism,account]
Gunilla Gerland.
Een echt mens. Gunilla Gerland's book translated into dutch. [autism,account,dutch]
Gunilla Gerland.
En riktig maenniska (1996). Gunilla Gerland is an autistic person in Sweden who spoke at the Autism Conference in Sweden, March 14-15, 1996. See english translation, A Real Person: Life on the Outside. [autism,account,swedish]
Gunilla Gerland.
A Real Person: Life on the Outside (London: Souvenir Press, 1997). English translation by Joan Tate of Gunilla's Swedish book, En riktig maenniska. Reader: really recommended. ISBN: 0285633988 (hardcover, 254 pages). [autism,account]
Norman S. Giddan & Jane J. Giddan.
Autistic Adults at Bittersweet Farm (New York: Haworth Press, 1990). About autistic adults running/owning a farm near Toledo, Ohio. ISBN: 1560240571 (paperback, 212 pages); ISBN: 1560240423 (hardcover, 212 pages, 1991). [autism,account,adult]
Penny Rosell Giesbrecht.
Where is God when a Child Suffers? (Hannibal Books, 1988). ISBN: 0929292022 (paperback, 180 pages). [autism,account,religious]
R. Wayne Gilpin, editor.
Much More Laughing and Loving with Autism (Future Horizons, 2002). Third in series. ISBN: 1885477783 (paperback, 88 pages, ISBN-13: 978-1885477781). [autism,account]
R. Wayne Gilpin, ed.
Laughing and Loving with Autism: A Collection of 'Real Life' Warm & Humorous Stories (Future Horizons, 1993). 126 pages. Short vignettes about persons with autism. ISBN: 188547704X (paperback). [autism,account]
R. Wayne Gilpin, ed.
More Laughing and Loving with Autism (1993). Second in series. ISBN: 1885477120 (108 pages, Future Horizons, 1994). [autism,account]
Robin Goffe.
I Don't Want to be Ty. 6337 Highland Drive, Suite 135; Salt Lake City, UT 84121 [autism,vaccine,account]
Jacquelin Gorman.
The Seeing Glass: A Memoir (Riverhead Books, 1997). Memoir of a woman with sight problems. In the memoir is some account of her autisic brother, Robin, who died in an accident at age 31, and the evidence that he had some similar sight problems. ISBN: 1573220612 (hardcover, 255 pages); ISBN: 1573226793 (paperback, 272 pages, 1998); ISBN: 1574531859 (cassette, abridged, Audio Literature, 1997). [autism,account,disability]
Temple Grandin.
The Learning Style of People with Autism: An Autobiography. [autism,account]
Temple Grandin.
Thinking in Pictures: and Other Reports of my Life with Autism (New York: Bantam, 1995). Not really an account of Temple's life so much as her explanation of autism, particularly her own, citing examples from her own life and others she has talked to and read. It also discusses education and treatment. One reader calls it terrific: better than Emergence.... ISBN: 0385477929 (hardcover, 222 pages, Doubleday, 1995); ISBN: 0679772898 (paperback, 222 pages, Vintage edition, 1996); ISBN: 0307275655 (paperback, 304 pages, Vintage, 2006, ISBN-13: 978-0307275653). [autism,account]
Temple Grandin & Margaret M. Scariano.
Emergence: Labeled Autistic (Navato, California: Arena Press, 1986). Since updated in 1991. This is an autobiographical book by Temple Grandin, with Margaret Scariano. It offers insight into the frustrations that people labeled autistic have during the time they are trying to develop an ability to communicate. This is considered a rare autobiographical account in as much as the majority of the people with autism have not developed such sophisticated communication abilities. Very highly recommended by a number of readers. ISBN: 0878795243 (paperback, 183 pages); ISBN: 0710400632 (Costello, 1986). [autism,account]
Temple Grandin & Margaret M. Scariano.
Emergence: Labeled Autistic (Navato, California: Arena Press, 1991). Updated references. ISBN: 0446671827 (paperback, 180 pages, Warner Books, 1996). [autism,account]
Phyllis J. D. Green & Patricia M. Apple.
Spinning Straw: The Jeff Apple Story (Diverse City Press, 1999). ISBN: 1896230148 (paperback, 196 pages). [autism,account]
Josh Greenfield.
A Child Called Noah: A Family Journey (Holt, Reinhart, & Winston, 1972). I think its out of print. Also 1979 printing by Pocket Books. (Continued by A Place for Noah). 190 pages. About Noah Jiro Greenfield, born 1966. ISBN: 0446761990 ; ISBN: 0671826514 ; ISBN: 0156168626 ; ISBN: 0030913845 . [autism,account]
Josh Greenfield.
A client called Noah: a family journey continued (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1986). ISBN: 0805000852 ; ISBN: 0156181681 (Harcourt Brace, 1987, 371 pages). [autism,account]
Josh Greenfield.
A Place for Noah (Holt, Reinhart, & Winston, 1978). Minireview: Greenfield's "Noah" books are about the "worst case scenario", parents left with no resources and no support in dealing with an autistic child. This shows the havoc caused by a child never taught. ISBN: 003089896X (hardcover, 310 pages); ISBN: 0671826506 (paperback, Pocket, 1979); ISBN: 0671419099 (paperback, 302 pages, Pocket, 1980); ISBN: 0156720000 (paperback, 310 pages, Harcourt, 1989). [autism,account]
Roy Richard Grinker.
Unstrange Minds (New York: Basic Books, 2007). Reader: draws together interesting and informative perspectives. ISBN: 0465027636 (hardcover, 340 pages, ISBN-13: 978-0-465-02763-7). [autism,account]
Magdalena Grodzka, ed.
Crying Without Tears: Letters From Parents of Autistic Children (1995). Paperback, 254 pages [autism,account]
Will Hadcroft.
The Feeling's Unmutual: Growing Up With Asperger Syndrome (Undiagnosed) (Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2004). ISBN: 1843102641 (paperback, 236 pages). [autism,aspergers,account]
Kenneth Hall.
Asperger Syndrome, the Universe and Everything (London: Jessica Kingsley, 2000). Forewords by Ken P. Kerr and Gill Rowley. The author has Asperger Syndrome. ISBN: 1853029300 (112 pages). [autism,aspergers,account]
Erika Hammerschmidt.
Born on the Wrong Planet (2004). [autism,aspergers,account]
Kelly Harland.
A Will of His Own: Reflections on Parenting a Child With Autism (Woodbine House, 2002). ISBN: 1890627194 (paperback, 160 pages). [autism,account]
Kathie Harrington.
For Parents and Professionals: Autism in Adolescents & Adults (LinguiSystems, Inc., 1998). 196 pages. Author is a speech pathologist with a now-grown autistic son. [autism,account,se,parent]
Charles A. Hart.
Without Reason: A family copes with Two Generations of Autism (New York: Harper & Row, 1989). Written by a man who had an autistic brother and (in the '70s) an autistic son. Reader: inspiring, readable, intelligent. Reader: good account to be read by teen siblings because it describes a sibling's experience. ISBN: 0451169409 ; ISBN: 0060161434 (292 pages); ISBN: 1885477694 (292 pages, Future Horizons). [autism,account,family]
Torey L. Hayden.
One Child (Avon, 1995). Teacher's account of troubled student. I've seen a synopsis of the book that labels the child autistic. The Tiger's Child is a sequel. ISBN: 0380542625 (paperback, 221 pages); ISBN: 0808511394 (1999). [autism,account]
Torey L. Hayden.
The Tiger's Child (Avon, 1995). Sequel to author's One Child. ISBN: 0025491504 (hardcover, 256 pages); ISBN: 0380725444 (paperback, Avon, 1996); ISBN: 0785797416 (Econo-Clad Books, 1999). [autism,account]
Beate Hermelin.
Bright Splinters of the Mind: A Personal Story of Research with Autistic Savant (Jessica Kingsley Pub, 2001). ISBN: 1853029319 (hardcover, 176 pages); ISBN: 1853029327 (paperback, 176 pages). [autism,account]
Ann Hewetson.
Laughter And Tears: A Family's Journey To Understanding The Autism Spectrum (Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2005). ISBN: 1843103311 (paperback, 240 pages). [autism,account]
Bronwen Hocking.
Little Boy Lost (London: Bloomsbury, 1990). Reader: A desperately depressing book in which the author explains how her son's autism is all her fault for not loving him enough, and how psychotherapy is his only hope. ISBN: 0747507007 (hardcover, 224 pages); ISBN: 0747509557 (paperback, 224 pages, 1991). [autism,account,psychoanalysis]
Olga Holland.
The Dragons of Autism: Autism as a Source of Wisdom (Jessica Kingsley, 2002). ISBN: 1843107414 (paperback, 201 pages). [autism,parent,account]
Rab A. Houston & Uta Frith.
Autism in History: The Case of Hugh Blair of Borgue C. 1708-1765 (Blackwell Pub, 2000). Examination of Hugh Blair, eighteenth century Scottish landowner who appears to have been autistic. ISBN: 0631220887 (hardcover, 224 pages); ISBN: 0631220895 (paperback, 224 pages). [autism,account]
Robert Hughes.
Running with Walker: A Memoir (Jessica Kingsley, 2003). ISBN: 1843107554 (paperback, 240 pages). [autism,account]
Joan Martin Hundley.
The Small Outsider; The Story of an Autistic Child (Sydney: Angus and Robertson, 1971). 150 pages. Also London, 1972, 150 pages. An account by a parent about her son; also has interesting descriptions of other autistic children. ISBN: 0345234928 ; ISBN: 0207121931 . [autism,account]
Fran Hunnisett.
The Little Class with the Big Personality: Experiences of Teaching A Class of Young Children with Autism (Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2005). ISBN: 1843103087 (paperback, 152 pages). [autism,account,se]
David Hunter.
Planet Autism (David Hunter Publications). Hilarious in a warped way. [autism,account]
Jean-Marc Gaspard Itard.
The Wild Boy of Aveyron (Appleton-Century-Crofts. Meridith Pub. Co., 1962). Part of the series Century Psychology. Reports on Victor, a boy found in a village in the early 1800's. Some have speculated, from descriptions, that he was autistic. A movie of the story is L'enfant Sauvage (The Wild Child). (Also saw it listed as New York: Century, 1932). ISBN: 0139594949 . [autism,account]
Portia Iverson.
Strange Son: Two Mothers, Two Sons, and the Quest to Unlock the Hidden World of Autism (Riverhead Books, 2006). Founder of Cure Autism Now's account of her own son as well as another autistic boy in India. ISBN: 1573223115 (hardcover, 416 pages, ISBN-13: 978-1573223119). [autism,account]
Luke Jackson & Tony Attwood.
Freaks, Geeks and Asperger Syndrome: A User Guide to Adolescence (London: Jessica Kingsley Pub, 2002). Luke Jackson is a thirteen-year-old boy with Asperger's. ISBN: 1843100983 (paperback, 240 pages). [autism,aspergers,adolescent,account,parent]
Luke Jackson & Marilyn Le Breton.
A User Guide to the GF/CF Diet for Autism, Asperger Syndrome and AD/HD (Jessica Kingsley, 2001). ISBN: 184310055X (paperback, 169 pages). [autism,disability,nutrition,allergy,account]
Barbara Jacobs.
Loving Mr. Spock: A Different Kind Of Love (Michael Joseph, 2003). Or Penguin. ISBN: 0718146425 (paperback, 352 pages); ISBN: 1932565205 (paperback, Future Horizons, 2004, called Loving Mr. Spock: Understanding an Aloof Lover: Could It Be Asperger's?). [autism,aspergers,account]
Carol Sue Johnson & Julia Crowder.
Autism: From Tragedy to Triumph (Boston: Branden Books, 1994). The story of Drew who recovered using Dr. Lovaas's UCLA program. Foreword by Ivar Lovaas. ISBN: 0828319650 (paperback, 187 pages). [autism,account,behavioral]
Ranae Johnson.
Winter's Flower (RainTree, 1992). About the author's autistic son, Kelton. ISBN: 096315060X (paperback). [autism,account]
Sandra O. Johnson & Max Desorgher.
Sara's Story - the adoption of an autistic child (1997). About Sara's Diet. [autism,nutrition,account]
Therese Jolliffe, Richard Lansdown & Clive Robinson.
Autism: A Personal Account (The National Autism Society, 1992). Reprinted article from Communication. Reader: brilliant first-person account. Therese Jolliffe is an autistic person with a PhD for research into autism. [autism,reprint,account]
Karin Stensland Junker.
The Child In The Glass Ball (New York: Abingdon Press, 1964). Translated by Gustaf Lannestock. Account of the author's two disabled children, one of whom, her daughter Boel, has autism. [autism,account]
Paul Karasik & Judy Karasik.
The Ride Together: A Brother and Sister's Memoir of Autism in the Family (Washington Square, 2003). ISBN: 0743423364 (hardcover, 208 pages). [autism,account,family]
Barry Neil Kaufman.
A miracle to believe in (Garden City, N.Y.: Doubleday, 1981). The entire book is online. ISBN: 0449201082 (Fawcett Crest/Ballantine, 313 pages). [autism,account]
Barry Neil Kaufman.
Son-Rise (New York: Harper & Row, 1976). A father's account. About Raun Kahlil Kaufman. No longer in print. ISBN: 0060122765 (hardcover, 153 pages); ISBN: 0446921106 (paperback, Warner, 1979); ISBN: 0446893471 (paperback, 221 pages, Warner, 1997). [autism,account]
Barry Neil Kaufman.
To love is to be happy with: the miracle of one autistic child (London: Souvenir Press, 1976). About Option Process. LOC implies this is British edition of Son Rise. ISBN: 0285648268 (153 pages); ISBN: 0285648276 ; ISBN: 0698107799 (285 pages, Coward, McCann & Geoghegan, New York, 1977); ISBN: 0449211193 (reissue edition, 1994, Fawcett Books, paperback). [autism,account]
Barry Neil Kaufman & Samarhia Lyte Kaufman.
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Notes from Ohio (Lucky Press, 2005). I've seen this mentioned with autistic books but have not confirmed that it is about autism. The Amazon book description says the author is hearing impaired. In any case, it looks to provide an interesting look at the thoughts of a man suffering from a disability. ISBN: 0976057638 (paperback, 64 pages). [autism,account]
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Newport (HarperCollins). Planned book: I'm not certain of the title. Account of Mary and Jerry's marriage. They are both autistic. Note: I'm not certain of Mary's last name. [autism,account]
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Savage Girls and Wild Boys: A History of Feral Children (Picador, 2004). Not truly a book about autism, but includes an account of Victor (e.g., Itard's The Wild Boy of Aveyron), and some such children have been described to have characteristics that suggest autism. ISBN: 0312423357 (paperback, 312 pages). [autism,account]
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