Viki Satkiewicz-Grayhardt - Nonfiction

Autism Books

Viki Satkiewicz-Grayhardt.
At Home with Autism: Three Families' Stories (Potential Unlimited Publishing). Paperback, 40 pages. Possibly a children's book. [autism,account]
Viki Satkiewicz-Grayhardt, Barbara Peerenboom & Roxanne Campbell.
Crossing Bridges: A Parent's Perspective on Coping After a Child is Diagnosed with Autism/PDD (Potential Unlimited Publishing, 1996). Designed for parents whos child is newly diagnosed with autism/PDD, written by parents. One reader: excellent book for parents. ISBN: 0965070026 (paperback, 64 pages). [autism,parent,pdd,intro]

Autism non-fiction books by Viki Satkiewicz-Grayhardt.