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Temple Grandin, who is autistic, has made a career in animal ethnology. She also writes and speaks about her experiences as an autistic person.

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Tony Atwood, Temple Grandin, Teresa Bolick, Catherine Faherty, Lisa Iland, Jennifer McIlwee Myers, Ruth Snyder, Sheila Wagner & Mary Wroble.
Asperger's and Girls (Future Horizons, 2006). ISBN: 193256540X (paperback, 152 pages, ISBN-13: 978-1932565409). [autism,aspergers]
Temple Grandin.
The Learning Style of People with Autism: An Autobiography. [autism,account]
Temple Grandin.
Thinking in Pictures: and Other Reports of my Life with Autism (New York: Bantam, 1995). Not really an account of Temple's life so much as her explanation of autism, particularly her own, citing examples from her own life and others she has talked to and read. It also discusses education and treatment. One reader calls it terrific: better than Emergence.... http://www.autism.org/temple/ http://www.grandin.com/inc/book.html ISBN: 0385477929 (hardcover, 222 pages, Doubleday, 1995); ISBN: 0679772898 (paperback, 222 pages, Vintage edition, 1996); ISBN: 0307275655 (paperback, 304 pages, Vintage, 2006, ISBN-13: 978-0307275653). [autism,account]
Temple Grandin.
The Way I See It: A Personal Look at Autism and Asperger's (Future Horizons, 2008). ISBN: 1932565728 (paperback, 260 pages). [autism,aspergers]
Temple Grandin & Kate Duffy.
Developing Talents: Careers for Individuals with Asperger Syndrome and High-Functioning Autism (Autism Asperger Publishing, 2004). ISBN: 1931282560 (paperback, 168 pages). [autism,aspergers]
Temple Grandin & Catherine Johnson.
Animals in Translation: Using the Mysteries of Autism to Decode Animal Behavior (Scribner, 2005). ISBN: 0743247698 (hardcover, 368 pages); ISBN: 1400101468 (audio CD, Tantor Media, 2005); ISBN: 0786276517 (hardcover, large print, 679 pages, Thorndike Press, 2005); ISBN: 0156031442 (paperback, 372 pages, Harvest Books, 2006); ISBN: 1400151465 (MP3 CD, Tantor Media, 2005). [autism]
Temple Grandin & Margaret M. Scariano.
Emergence: Labeled Autistic (Navato, California: Arena Press, 1986). Since updated in 1991. This is an autobiographical book by Temple Grandin, with Margaret Scariano. It offers insight into the frustrations that people labeled autistic have during the time they are trying to develop an ability to communicate. This is considered a rare autobiographical account in as much as the majority of the people with autism have not developed such sophisticated communication abilities. Very highly recommended by a number of readers. ISBN: 0878795243 (paperback, 183 pages); ISBN: 0710400632 (Costello, 1986). [autism,account]
Temple Grandin & Margaret M. Scariano.
Emergence: Labeled Autistic (Navato, California: Arena Press, 1991). Updated references. ISBN: 0446671827 (paperback, 180 pages, Warner Books, 1996). [autism,account]

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