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Simon Baron-Cohen is professor of developmental psychopathology at Cambridge University.

Simon Baron-Cohen

Simon Baron-Cohen.
The Essential Difference: The Truth about the Male and Female Brain (Perseus Publishing, 2003). Includes theories regarding autism. ISBN: 0738208442 (hardcover, 256 pages); ISBN: 046500556X (paperback, 271 pages, Basic Books, 2004). [general,autism]
Simon Baron-Cohen.
Mindblindness: An Essay on Autism and Theory of Mind (Cambridge, Massachusetts: MIT Press, 1995). Part of the series Learning, Development, and Conceptual Change. In Mindblindness, Simon Baron-Cohen presents a model of the evolution and development of "mindreading." [As far as I can tell from reviews, he is not referring to extra-sensory powers, but uses the term "mindreading" to mean the unconscious deductions & educated guesses we make about other peoples' minds -ed] He argues that we mindread all the time, effortlessly, automatically, and mostly unconsciously. It is the natural way in which we interpret, predict, and participate in social behavior and communication. We ascribe mental states to people: states such as thoughts, desires, knowledge, and intentions. Building on many years of research, Baron-Cohen concludes that children with autism, suffer from "mindblindness" as a result of a selective impairment in mindreading. For these children, the world is essentially devoid of mental things. Note: Newsweek 1995/8/14 has an article featuring this book. ISBN: 0262023849 (hardcover, 300 pages); ISBN: 026252225X (paperback, 200 pages). [autism]
Simon Baron-Cohen & Patrick Bolton.
Autism: The Facts (Oxford University, 1993). Part of the series Oxford Medical Publications. Also New York. Aimed at parents summarizing what is known about autism. ISBN: 0192623273 (paperback, 113 pages). [autism,intro,parent]
Simon Baron-Cohen, Helen Tager-Flusberg & Donald Cohen.
Understanding Other Minds; Perspectives from Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, 2nd ed (Oxford University Press, 2000). ISBN: 0198524463 (hardcover); ISBN: 0198524455 (paperback, 530 pages). [autism]
Simon Baron-Cohen, Helen Tager-Flusberg & Donald J. Cohen.
Understanding Other Minds; Perspectives from Autism (New York: Oxford University Press, 1993). ISBN: 0192620568 . [autism]
Patricia Howlin, ed, Simon Baron-Cohen & Julia Hadwin.
Teaching Children With Autism to Mind-Read: A Practical Guide for Teachers and Parents (John Wiley & Sons, 1998). Treatment based upon the "theory of mind" principle. ISBN: 0471976237 (paperback, 336 pages). [autism,se,parent]

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