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Robert L. Koegel is a professor of education at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Robert Koegel

Robert L. Koegel.
How to Integrate Autistic and Severely Handicapped Children into a Classroom (Pro-Ed). Part of the series Teaching the Autistic. ISBN: 0890790647 (paperback, 28 pages, H & H Enterprises, 1981). [autism,se]
Robert L. Koegel & Lynn Kern Koegel.
Pivotal Response Treatments for Autism: Communication, Social, And Academic Development (Brookes Publishing Company, forthcoming). ISBN: 1557668191 (paperback, 320 pages, due 10/2005). [autism,treatment]
Robert L. Koegel, ed & Lynn Kern Koegel, ed.
Teaching Children with Autism: Strategies for initiating positive interactions and improving learning opportunities (Baltimore: Paul H. Brookes, 1995). ISBN: 1557661804 (paperback, 256 pages). [autism,se]
Robert L. Koegel, Lynn Kern Koegel & Glen Dunlap.
?. Booklet on toilet training people with autism and other disabilities. [autism,disability]
Robert L. Koegel, Arnold Rincover & Andrew L. Egel.
Educating and understanding autistic children (San Diego, California: College-Hill Press, 1982). 340 pages. [autism,se]
Robert L. Koegel & Laura Schreibman.
How to Teach Autistic and other Severely Handicapped Children (Vancouver, B. C.: Educational Resources, 1981). Part of the series Teaching the Autistic. Also Pro-Ed. ISBN: 0890790655 (52 pages, H & H Enterprises). [autism,se]
Robert L. Koegel, Laura Schreibman, A. Good, I. Cerniglia & M. Murphy.
How to Teach Pivotal Behaviors to Children with Autism: A Training Manual (Santa Barbara: UCSB). [autism]

Autism non-fiction books by Robert L. Koegel.