R. Wayne Gilpin - Nonfiction

Autism Books

R. Wayne Gilpin, editor.
Much More Laughing and Loving with Autism (Future Horizons, 2002). Third in series. ISBN: 1885477783 (paperback, 88 pages, ISBN-13: 978-1885477781). [autism,account]
R. Wayne Gilpin, ed.
Laughing and Loving with Autism: A Collection of 'Real Life' Warm & Humorous Stories (Future Horizons, 1993). 126 pages. Short vignettes about persons with autism. ISBN: 188547704X (paperback). [autism,account]
R. Wayne Gilpin, ed.
More Laughing and Loving with Autism (1993). Second in series. ISBN: 1885477120 (108 pages, Future Horizons, 1994). [autism,account]

Autism non-fiction books by R. Wayne Gilpin.