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Ole Ivar Lovaas is known for developing and testing the methods of behavioral psychology to help children with autism and Asperger's Syndrome, eventually to be known as Applied Behavioral Analysis or ABA. He is the author of an early influential book on the subject, The Me Book. Dr. Lovaas has long been associated with UCLA.

O. Ivar Lovaas

O. Ivar Lovaas.
Behavioral Problems of Autism: Experimental Analysis of Autism (Irvington Pub, 1986). ISBN: 0829007407 . [autism,behavioral]
O. Ivar Lovaas.
Teaching Individuals With Developmental Delays: Basic Intervention Techniques (Austin, Tex: Pro ed, 2002). ISBN: 0890798893 (paperback, 429 pages). [autism,treatment,behavioral]
Ole Ivar Lovaas.
The autistic child: Language development through behavior modification (New York: Irvington Publishers, Inc., 1977). 246 pages. ISBN: 0470150653 ; ISBN: 9996508846 ; ISBN: 0829002537 . [autism]
Ole Ivar Lovaas, ed.
Behavioral Research on Autism: Behavior Problems (Irvington, 1984). ISBN: 0829007415 . [autism,behavioral,treatment]
Ole Ivar Lovaas.
Teaching Developmentally Disabled Children: The Me Book (Austin, Texas: Pro-Ed, 1981). Available from publisher at 8700 Shoal Creek Blvd, Austin, Texas 78757, 1-512-451-3246. Describes a home-based program for behavior modification therapy. This book is highly recommended by practitioners of the Lovaas method. As of 5/96, I heard that a revision is in the works. http://www.proedinc.com/store/1213.html ISBN: 0936104783 (paperback, 250 pages, University Park Press, 1981). [autism,treatment,behavioral]
Ole Ivar Lovaas.
Teaching Developmentally Disabled Children: the Me Book, 2nd ed. As of 1996, it is said to be in the works. As of 1/1997, the news is that it is not yet close to being published. Perhaps became 2002's Teaching Individuals.... [autism,behavioral,treatment]

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