Mary Coleman - Nonfiction

Autism Books

Mary Coleman, ed.
The Autistic Syndromes (Amsterdam: North Holland, 1976). ISBN: 0444112014 (New York: American Elsevier Pub. Co., 334 pages.). [autism,intro]
Mary Coleman.
The Neurology of Autism (Oxford University Press, 2005). ISBN: 0195182227 (hardcover, 288 pages). [autism]
Christopher Gillberg & Mary Coleman.
The Biology of the Autistic Syndromes, 2nd edition (Cambridge University Press, 1992). Part of the series Clinics in Developmental Medicine. Number 126 in series. Also Praeger/Greenwood Publishing Group, Westport, CT. Among other things, a good source of information on specific & related syndromes. Includes chapter of population studies on how prevalent autism is. Also it has a section recommending tests that should be run during an autism workup. Also London: Mac Keith. ISBN: 0521432286 (hardcover, 317 pages). [autism,text]

Autism non-fiction books by Mary Coleman.