Geraldine Dawson - Nonfiction

Autism Books

Geraldine Dawson, ed.
Autism: Nature, Diagnosis, and Treatment (New York: Guilford Press, 1989). A textbook. ISBN: 0898627249 (417 pages). [autism,text]
Sally Ozonoff, Geraldine Dawson & James McPartland.
A Parent's Guide to Asperger Syndrome and High-Functioning Autism: How to Meet the Challenges and Help Your Child Thrive (Guildford Press, 2002). ISBN: 1572307676 (hardcover, 278 pages); ISBN: 1572305312 (paperback, 278 pages, Guilford Press, 2002). [autism,aspergers,parent]

Autism non-fiction books by Geraldine Dawson.