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You Don't Have the Words To Describe What I Experience! The Sensory Experiences of Individuals With Autism Based on First-Hand Accounts (The Geneva Centre). $8.00 for book, $10.00 for tape. (For the publication: write The Geneva Centre, 111 Merton St., 4th Floor, Toronto, Ontario M4S 3A7. Phone 416-322-7877. For the tape write: Audio Archives International, Inc., 100 W. Beaver Creek Rd, Unit 18, Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 1H4. Phone 905-889-8555 x 22. The tape costs $10.00 plus $4.00 mailing and handling. The booklet costs $8.00. Tape # 941027-130 My Senses Are All Messed Up: Sensory Perception and Autism.) [autism,account]

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