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Gail Gillingham.
Autism Handle with Care, 2nd edition (Tacit publishing). ISBN: 0968786308 (paperback, 2001). [autism,intro]
Gail Gillingham.
Autism Handle with Care, 3rd edition (Tacit Publishing). ISBN: 0968421911 (paperback, 135 pages). [autism,intro]
Gail Gillingham.
Autism: Handle with Care! Understanding and Managing Behavior of Children and Adults with Autism (Future Education a.k.a. Future Horizons, 1995). Details many anecdotes from real life situations which clarify exactly why an autistic person reacts bizarrely to normal stimuli the rest of us would find unremarkable. Author writes from an empathetic perspective. One reader: excellent book explaining sensory difficulties experienced by people with autism. ISBN: 1885477147 (paperback). [autism,intro]
Gail I Gillingham.
Autism A New Understanding! (Tacit Publishing, Inc., 2000). ISBN: 0968786316 (paperback, 191 pages). [autism]

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