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Elva Duran.
Teaching the Moderately and Severely handicapped Student and Autistic Adolescent (With Particular Attention to Bilingual Children) (Charles Thomas, 1988). [autism,se]
Elva Duran & Lou Brown.
Vocational Training and Employment of the Moderately and Severely Handicapped and Autistic Adolescent with Particular Emphasis to Bilingual Special Ed (Charles C. Thomas, 1992). ISBN: 0398058016 . [autism,adolescent,disability]
Elva Duran & Diane Cordero De Noriega.
Teaching Students With Moderate/Severe Disabilities, Including Autism: Strategies for Second Language Learners in Inclusive Settings (Charles C. Thomas Pub Ltd, 1996). ISBN: 0398067015 (paperback); ISBN: 0398067007 (hardcover). [autism,se]

Autism non-fiction books by Elva Duran.