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Autism Books

Temple Grandin & Catherine Johnson.
Animals in Translation: Using the Mysteries of Autism to Decode Animal Behavior (Scribner, 2005). ISBN: 0743247698 (hardcover, 368 pages); ISBN: 1400101468 (audio CD, Tantor Media, 2005); ISBN: 0786276517 (hardcover, large print, 679 pages, Thorndike Press, 2005); ISBN: 0156031442 (paperback, 372 pages, Harvest Books, 2006); ISBN: 1400151465 (MP3 CD, Tantor Media, 2005). [autism]
Catherine Johnson.
A Parent's Guide to Autism : Essential Help for Understanding Your Child's Condition and Finding Treatment That Makes a Difference (Owl Books, forthcoming). ISBN: 080507001X (paperback, 256 pages, due 9/1/2006). [autism,parent]
John J. Ratey & Catherine Johnson.
Shadow Syndromes (Pantheon Books, 1997). About very mild forms of psychiatric conditions including ADD and autism. Chapter 6 is entitled "Autistic Echos". ISBN: 0679439684 (hardcover, 384 pages); ISBN: 0553379593 (paperback, 389 pages, 1998); ISBN: 0517282623 (hardcover, Random House, 1998). [autism,disability]

Autism non-fiction books by Catherine Johnson.