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Ann Lovell.
In A Summer Garment: The Experience of an Autistic Child (London: Secker and Warburg, 1978). Also Lion, 1985. This is a newer title of Simple Simon: the story of an autistic boy. The story of how Mrs Lovell brought up her son, Simon, who is autistic, during the sixties, in South England. Before he went to a National Autistic Society school, she taught him using a variety of methods - Doman's strategy for reading/leaning words (with large flash cards), music, horse riding etc., many of which anticipated some of today's educational practices for handicapped children. ISBN: 0436260557 . [autism,account]
Ann Lovell.
Simple Simon: The Story of an Autistic Boy (1978). Earlier title of In a Summer Garment: The Experience of an Autistic Child. ISBN: 0867604131 (Lion Publishing Corp, 1983). [autism,account]

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