Non-Autism Books of Interest - 1993

Barbara Barker, Martha Leary, Susan Repa & Phillip Whissel.
Getting In Touch; A Workbook on Becoming a Facilitator (Madison: DRI Press, 1993). 44 page workbook. [fc]
Centre for Community Inclusion.
What Frontline Didn't Tell You (Orono, Main: Author, 1993). [fc]
Jeanine G. Coleman.
The Early Intervention Dictionary: A Multidisciplinary Guide to Terminology (Woodbine House, 1993). ISBN: 093314962X (paperback, 337 pages). [disability,se]
Lydia Fegan, Anne Rauch & Wendy McCarthy.
Sexuality and People with Intellectual Disability (1993). ISBN: 1557661405 (hardcover, Paul H. Brooks, 1997). [disability]
Richard M. Foxx & Nathan H. Azrin.
Toilet Training Persons with Developmental Disabilities: A Rapid Program for Day and Nighttime Independent Toileting (Research Press, 1993). ISBN: 0878220259 ; ISBN: 9995355620 (paperback). [disability,mr]
Bette Hagman.
More from the Gluten-Free Gourmet: Delicious Dining Without Wheat (Henry Holt, 1993). Companion to The Gluten-Free Gourment. ISBN: 0805023240 ; ISBN: 0805023232 (paperback, 396 pages, 1994); ISBN: 0805065245 (paperback, due June 2000). [disability,nutrition]
Susan Hartley & John Stewart.
The Professional's Guide to Estate Planning for Families of Individuals with Disabilities (1993). [disability]
P. Haskew & A. Donnellan.
Emotional Maturity and Well-Being; Psychological Lessons of Facilitated Communication (Madison, Wisconsin: DRI Press, 1993). 45 pages. [fc]
Hal Huggins.
It's All In Your Head: The Link Between Mercury Amalgams and Illness (Avery Pub Group, 1993). About to mercury/amalgam fillings. ISBN: 0895295504 (paperback, 194 pages). [disability]
Susan Martins Miller.
Reading Too Soon (Elmhurst, Illinois: Center for Speech and Language Disorders, 1993). About hyperlexia. ISBN: 0963792105 (paperback). [disability]
Thomas H. Powell & Peggy Ahrenhold Gallagher.
Brothers and Sisters: A Special Part of Exceptional Families (Baltimore, Maryland: Paul H. Brookes, 1993). ISBN: 1557661103 (paperback, 291 pages, 2nd edition). [disability]
Sharing to Learn.
Facilitated Communication; A guide to resource materials (Thornhill, Ontario: Author, 1993). [fc]
Sharing to Learn.
Facilitated Communication; A set of readings (Thornhill, Ontario: Author, 1993). Reprints of a number of articles. [fc]
L. Stafford.
Communication Menu Handbook (Auckland, New Zealand: Longman Paul, 1993). Resource. [fc]
K. Strandt-Conroy & L. Sabin.
Making Connections: Facilitating Communicating in an Inclusive Classroom (Madison, Wisconsin: DRI Press, 1993). 43 pages. [fc,se]
Anne Patterson Wildemann.
Understanding and Managing Child Behavior in the 90's (Future Horizons, 1993). ISBN: 1885477104 (paperback, 70 pages). [se,behavioral,parent]
Ian S. Zagon & Patricia J. McLaughlin.
Receptors in the Developing Nervous System - Volume 2 - Neurotransmitters (London: Chapman & Hall, 1993). ISBN: 0412494000 (hardcover, 276 pages, Kluwer Academic Publishers). [medical]