Non-Autism Books of Interest - 1992

Barbara Azrialy.
The Sibling (1992). Includes passages from articles and books the author researched, interviews with over 200 siblings, and her own experiences as a sister of two retarded brothers and as a special education teacher. [mr,family]
James Braly & Laura Torbet.
Dr. Braly's Food Allergy and Nutrition Revolution: For Permanent Weight Loss and a Longer, Healthier Life (Keats, 1992). ISBN: 0879835907 (paperback, 510 pages, reprint edition). [nutrition,allergy]
Pearl S. Buck.
The Child Who Never Grew (Woodbine House, 1992). Reprint of book published in 1950. Account of child with PKU (a condition which sometimes includes autistic symptoms). ISBN: 0933149492 (paperback, 112 pages). [disability,account]
Katharine G. Butler, editor, Douglas Biklen, editor & Rosemary Crossley, editor.
Facilitated Communication: Implications for People with Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities (Fredrick, MD: Aspen, 1992). Part of the series Topics in Language Disorders. Volume 12, Number 4 in the series. ISBN: 9992291087 (paperback, 98 pages). [fc]
A.J. Collins, ed.
Facilitated Communication: A reference book (Annandale, Va.: National Association of Private Residential Resources, 1992). [fc]
William Crook.
Yeast Connection (1992). Third Edition. ISBN: 0394747003 (paperback, 434 pages, second edition, Vintage books 1986). [allergy]
Joan F. Goodman & Robert Coles.
When Slow is Fast Enough: Educating the Delayed Preschool Child (Guilford Press, 1992). About early intervention programs for developmentally disabled children, including autistic children. ISBN: 0898627931 (hardcover, 306 pages); ISBN: 0898624916 (paperback, 306 pages, 1993). [disability,se,preschool]
Carol Gray.
The Success as an Educational Outcome (1992). Second edition. [se]
Carol Gray.
Taming the Recess JuNgLe (Jenison Public Schools, Michigan, 1992). ISBN: 188547721X (paperback, Future Horizons, 1993). [se,social]
Stanley I. Greenspan.
Infancy and Early Childhood: The Practice of Clinical Assessment and Intervention with Emotional and Developmental Challenges (Madison, CT: International University Press, 1992). ISBN: 0823626334 (hardcover). [disability]
Jowonio School.
First Words: Facilitated Communication and the Inclusion of Young Children (Syracuse: Author, 1992). [fc]
W. McNabb, ed.
The Handbook of Facilitated Communication (Vashon Island: Northwest Centre for Information Resources, 1992). Reprint of DEAL pamphlets [fc]
David A. Morton III.
How to Qualify for Social Security Disability (Fine Books, 1992). ISBN: 0963446401 . [disability]
Michael T. Murray.
The Healing Power of Herbs, 2nd edition (Prima Publishing, 1992). ISBN: 1559587008 (paperback, 432 pages). [medical]
Stephen Nowicki & Marshall P. Duke.
Helping the Child Who Doesn't Fit in (Peachtree Publishers, 1992). ISBN: 1561450251 (paperback, 178 pages, ISBN-13: 978-1561450251). [disability,se,social]
L. Olsen, S. Gurry, A. Larkin & M. Mcsheehan.
A Training Guide to Facilitated Communication Use; implications for use with adults in community settings (Cambridge, MA.: Lesley College, 1992). 32 pages. [fc]
Annagret Shubert.
Facilitated Communication Resource Guide (1992). 240 pages. [fc]