Non-Autism Books of Interest - 1988

Murray L. Barr & John A. Kiernan.
The Human Nervous System - An Anatomical Viewpoint, 5th edition (Philadelphia: J.P. Lippincott Company, 1988). [medical,text]
William G. Crook.
Detecting Your Hidden Allergies (Future Health, 1988). ISBN: 0933478151 . [allergy]
Anne M. Donnellan, Nanette Negri-Shoultz & Gary W. Lavigna.
Progress Without Punishment : Effective Approaches for Learners With Behavior Problems (Teachers College, 1988). Part of the series Special Education. ISBN: 0807729116 (paperback, 168 pages). [disability,se,behavioral]
Leo Galland.
Superimmunity for Kids (New York: Copestone Press, 1988). ISBN: 0440506794 (paperback, reissue edition, Delacorte Press, 1989). [nutrition]
Timothy M. Gilmour, Paul Madaule & Billie Thompson, ed.
About the Tomatis Method (Toronto, Ontario: The Listening Centre Press, 1988). Series of articles. ISBN: 0921568002 . [disability,treatment,ait]
Inter-Disciplinary Working Party on Issues in Severe Communication Impairment.
D.E.A.L. Communication Centre Operation; A Statement of Concern (Melbourne: Author, 1988). Collection of reports by those opposed to DEAL [fc]
Robert Perske & Martha Perske, illustrator.
Circles of Friends: People With Disabilities and Their Friends Enrich the Lives of One Another (Abingdon Press, 1988). ISBN: 0687083907 (paperback, 94 pages). [disability]
John Upledger.
Discover the CranioSacral System (Palm Beach, Florida: Upledger, 1988). [medical]