Non-Autism Books of Interest - 1985

Magda Campbell, Wayne H. Green & Stephen I. Deutch.
Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology (Sage, 1985). Part of the series Developmental Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry. Volume 2 in the series; ISBN: 0803924631 . [medical]
Harris L. Coulter & Barbara Loe Fisher.
A Shot in the Dark (1985). Discusses medical problems attributed to vaccinations/immunizations. ISBN: 089529463X (paperback, 246 pages, 1991). [disability]
Joanne Cuthbertson & Susie Schevill.
Helping Your Child Sleep Through the Night (Main Street Press, 1985). ISBN: 0385192509 (paperback, 246 pages). [general,parent]
Robert H. Garrison & Elizabeth Somer.
The Nutrition Desk Reference, 2nd edition (New Canaan, Connecticut: Keats Publishing, 1985). Replaced by third edition [medical,reference,nutrition]
Edmond L. Truelove & Doris J. Stiefel.
Dental treatment of the patient with a developmental disability (University of Washington, School of Dentistry, 1985). Four units include one on autism. [disability]
Henry Turkel.
Medical Treatment of Downs Syndrome and Genetic Diseases (1985). 402 pages. [medical,disability]