Non-Autism Books of Interest - Treatment

Berneen Bratt.
No Time for Jello: One Family's Experience with the Doman-Delacato Patterning Program (Cambridge, MA: Brookline Books, 1989). About a child with Cerebral Palsy, but of interest to anyone interested in using Doman-Delacato methodology in treating an autistic child. ISBN: 0914797565 (paperback, 201 pages). [disability,account,treatment]
William G. Crook.
The Yeast Connection Handbook (Professional Books, 1997). Illustrated by Cynthia Crook. ISBN: 0933478232 (273 pages). [disability,nutrition,treatment]
Carol Fenster.
Special Diet Solutions: Healthy Cooking Without Wheat, Gluten, Dairy, Eggs, Yeast or Refined Sugar, 3rd edition (Savory Palate, 2001). ISBN: 1889374008 (paperback, 191 pages). [nutrition,allergy,treatment]
Timothy M. Gilmour, Paul Madaule & Billie Thompson, ed.
About the Tomatis Method (Toronto, Ontario: The Listening Centre Press, 1988). Series of articles. ISBN: 0921568002 . [disability,treatment,ait]
Lisa Lewis.
Special Diets for Special Kids (Arlington, Texas: Future Horizons, 1998). Also Jessica Kingsley, 1999, 252 pages. ISBN: 1885477449 (paperback, 252 pages). [nutrition,allergy,treatment]
Lisa Lewis.
Special Diets for Special Kids, Two (Future Horizons, 2001). ISBN: 1885477813 (hardcover, 256 pages). [nutrition,allergy,treatment]
Alfred Tomatis.
The Conscious Ear: My Life of Transformation Through Listening (Barrytown: Station Hill Press). Translated from the French. Tomatis is the developer of the Tomatis method if Audio Integration Training. I am not certain whether the book is specifically about Autism. ISBN: 0882681087 (paperback, 306 pages, Talman Company, 1992). [treatment,ait]