Non-Autism Books of Interest - Mental Retardation

Barbara Azrialy.
The Sibling (1992). Includes passages from articles and books the author researched, interviews with over 200 siblings, and her own experiences as a sister of two retarded brothers and as a special education teacher. [mr,family]
Richard M. Foxx & Nathan H. Azrin.
Toilet Training Persons with Developmental Disabilities: A Rapid Program for Day and Nighttime Independent Toileting (Research Press, 1993). ISBN: 0878220259 ; ISBN: 9995355620 (paperback). [disability,mr]
Laurence R. Sargent.
Social Skills for School and Community: Systematic Instruction for Children and Youth With Cognitive Delays (Des Moines, Iowa: The Division on Mental Retardation of the Council for Exceptional Children, 1991). ISBN: 0685520870 (paperback); ISBN: 086586313X (paperback, 1998, revised edition). [mr,disability,se]