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Disability and Related Books

Katharine G. Butler, editor, Douglas Biklen, editor & Rosemary Crossley, editor.
Facilitated Communication: Implications for People with Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities (Fredrick, MD: Aspen, 1992). Part of the series Topics in Language Disorders. Volume 12, Number 4 in the series. ISBN: 9992291087 (paperback, 98 pages). [fc]
Rosemary Crossley.
Gestutzte Kommunikation : Ein Trainingsprogramm zur Kommunikationsfarderung fur Menschen mit Behinderungen (Edition Sozial, 1997). Translation of Facilitated Communication Training ISBN: 3407557965 . [fc,german]
Rosemary Crossley.
Il Metodo Della Comunicazione Facilitata (Savona, Provincia di Savona/Associazione Bambini Cerebrolesi Liguria, 1998). Translation of *Facilitated Communication Training* [fc,italian]
Rosemary Crossley & Anne McDonald.
Annie's coming out (New York: Viking Penguin, 1984). Account of a child with cerebral palsy communicating through facilitated communication. Originally 1980, Penguin, London & Melbourne. ISBN: 0140056882 . [disability,fc,account]

Non-autism but related books by Rosemary Crossley.