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Glenn Doman.
What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child (Doubleday, 1974). Explains Doman's patterning treatment of the brain. New edition was available in 1994 by Doman and Melton. ISBN: 0385021399 (hardcover, 312 pages); ISBN: 0224009346 (hardcover, 291 pages, Jonathan Cape, London, 1974); ISBN: 0944349242 (hardcover, Avery Pub Group, 1990); ISBN: 0871316293 (paperback, 291 pages, Gentle Revolution Press, 1991). [disability]
Glenn Doman & David Melton.
What to Do About Your Brain-Injured Child, New Edition (Avery Pub. Group, 1994). Update of Glenn Doman's book. The 2005 Square One editions are labeled "Revised and Updated", and the 2003 Gentle Revolution Press edition is labeled "30th Anniversary edition". I am presuming they are the 1994 version. ISBN: 0895295989 (294 pages); ISBN: 1591170222 (290 pages, hardcover, Gentle Revolution Press, 2003); ISBN: 1591170230 (318 pages, paperback, National Book Network, 2003); ISBN: 0757001874 (318 pages, hardcover, Square One Publishers, 2005); ISBN: 0757001866 (318 pages, paperback, Square One Publishers, 2005). [disability]

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