Dwight K. Kalita - Non-Autism Books of Interest

Disability and Related Books

William H. Philpott & Dwight K. Kalita.
Brain Allergies: The Psychonutrient and Magnetic Connections, 2nd edition (McGraw Hill, 2000). ISBN: 0658003984 (paperback, 256 pages). [allergy,medical]
William H. Philpott & Dwight K. Kalita, photographer.
Brain Allergies: The Psycho-Nutrient Connection (Keats Pub, 1980). Replaced by 2nd edition with different subtitle. ISBN: 087983224X (hardcover, 229 pages); ISBN: 0879834269 (paperback, 235 pages, 1987). [allergy,medical]

Non-autism but related books by Dwight K. Kalita.