Autism Books: Fiction - 2004

Barbara D'Amato.
Death of a Thousand Cuts (Forge Books, 2004). Mystery, includes autism and Freudian psychology as themes. ISBN: 0765303450 (hardcover, 352 pages). [autism,fiction]
Mary Essinger.
Wounded Bird of Paradise (Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2004). ISBN: 1843102560 (paperback, 142 pages). [fiction,autism,aspergers]
Margot Livesey.
Banishing Verona (Henry Holt, 2004). One of the major characters, Zeke, has been described as having Asperger's Syndrome. ISBN: 0805074627 (hardcover, 336 pages); ISBN: 0312425201 (paperback, 368 pages, Picador, 2005). [autism,aspergers,fiction]
Elizabeth McGregor.
A Road Through the Mountains (Bantom, 2004). ISBN: 0553803581 (hardcover, 336 pages); ISBN: 0553586718 (paperback, 352 pages, Bantom, 2005). [autism,aspergers,fiction]