Autism Books: Fiction - 1997

David Eddings.
The Belgrad (Ballantine Books, 1997). Reader describes one character as autistic. I think the character persists in the series and in a followup series The Malloreon. ISBN: 0345418875 . [autism,fiction]
Eli Gottlieb.
The Boy Who Went Away (St. Martins Pr., 1997). Main character is an adolescent boy with an autistic brother. ISBN: 0312150709 (hardcover, 208 pages); ISBN: 0553379275 (paperback, 240 pages, Bantam, 1998). [autism,fiction]
Helen Landalf.
The Secret Night World of Cats (Smith & Kraus, 1997). Ages 3-6, or older people. Illustrated by Bernard Rimland's son, Mark, who is autistic. Helen Landalf is Bernard Rimland's daughter. ISBN: 1575251175 (hardcover, 32 pages). [general,fiction]