Autism Books: Fiction - 1990

Sue Miller.
Family Pictures (Harper & Row, 1990). 389 pages. An engrossing novel spanning forty years in the life of a large family that is deeply bonded by the stranger in their midst - an autistic child. The story simulates the mind, catches the imagination and touches the heart on virtually every page. By Sue Miller, author of New York Times bestseller, The Good Mother. ISBN: 0060163976 ; ISBN: 0061099252 (paperback, 1996); ISBN: 0060929987 (paperback, 431 pages, 1999). [autism,fiction]
Joyce Carol Oates.
I Lock My Door Upon Myself (Ecco Press, 1990). Reader: the main character is obviously autistic. ISBN: 0880012609 (hardcover, 98 pages); ISBN: 0452267080 (paperback Plume Books, 1991). [autism,fiction]