Autism FAQ in various formats

I offer alternate formats of the Autism FAQ memo:

Normal version
For normal web use.
FAQ in one large page
Allows you to print it all at once, but it might be too large for your browser. Also allows you to use your browser's "search within page" function to find things. As of 11/7/98, it is a little less than 350,000 bytes.
Plain text version (in one large page)
This might be the best version to display or print on some older systems such as DOS but it does not have the pretty fonts and clickable items of the web versions. It's pretty much as large as the single-page version above.
Plain text version with newer parts marked by a vertical bar in the first column.
Allows you to see what I've added and changed recently by looking for a "vertical bar" i.e. "|" in the first column of the page. Unfortunately, this is based on the plain text version in a single page: my method of finding the changes only works on plain text files so this is all I could offer.
Plain text version broken into 500-line parts for any who have web browsers that cannot load large documents.
If your browser is restricted to very small pages, then this may be your best bet for getting the whole FAQ. As of September 25, 2005, it requires 24 such pages, but I've set this page up for 26 parts to accomodate future growth of the FAQ memo.

-- John Wobus, December 2, 1998

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