Autism Books: Children's - Family and Sibling Issues

Eve B. Band, Sue Lynn Cotton, illustrator & Emily Hecht.
Autism through a Sister's Eyes: A young girl's view of her brother's Autism (Future Horizons, 2001). Forward by Gary B. Mesibov. ISBN: 1885477716 (paperback, 67 pages). [autism,children,family]
Jacob Betts.
My Brother Has Asperger Syndrome. [children,family,autism,aspergers]
Fiona Bleach.
Everybody Is Different: A Book for Young People Who Have Brothers or Sisters With Autism (Autism Asperger Publishing Company, 2002). ISBN: 1931282064 (paperback, 84 pages). [autism,children,family]
Richard W. Carlson.
My Brother Kevin Has Autism (Writers Club Press, 2002). ISBN: 0595222064 (paperback, 120 pages). [autism,children,family]
Angie Healy.
Sometimes My Brother: Helping Kids Understand Autism Through a Sibling's Eyes (Future Horizons, 2005). For ages 9-12. ISBN: 1932565310 (paperback, 56 pages). [autism,children,family]
Donald J. Meyer, ed & Cary Pillo, illustrator.
Views from our Shoes: Growing up with a Brother or Sister with Special Needs (Woodbine House, 1997). Grades 3-7. Writings from siblings. Includes glossary and resource list. Reader: my daughter really enjoys it. ISBN: 0933149980 (paperback, 114 pages). [disability,children,family]
Donald Joseph Meyer & Patricia Vadasy.
Living with a Brother or Sister with Special Needs: A Book for Sibs, 2nd edition (University of Washington, 1996). Aimed at ages 4-8. ISBN: 0295975474 (paperback). [disability,children,family]
Sarah Peralta.
All About My Brother (Autism Asperger Publishing Co, 2002). The author is eight years old. ISBN: 1931282110 (hardcover, 36 pages). [autism,children,family]
Marsha Sarah Rosenberg.
Everything You Need to Know When a Brother or Sister is Autistic (Rosen Publishing Group, 1999). Part of the series Need to Know Library. The Need to Know Library is generally aimed at preteens and young teenagers. ISBN: 0823931234 (hardcover). [autism,family,children]