Autism Books: Children's - Account or case study of a disabled person

Charles A. Amenta, III.
Russell is Extra Special: A Book About Autism for Children (New York: Magination Press, 1992). Ages 4-8. A sensitive portrayal of an autistic boy written by his father. A physician, Amenta skillfully weaves relevant factual information about autism into his narrative using clear language that children will easily follow. A wonderful book for children. ISBN: 0945354444 (paperback); ISBN: 0945354436 (hardcover). [autism,account,children]
Richard W. Carlson.
Poems and Short Stories About My Brother Kevin Who Has Autism: Entertainment for Boys and Girls Ages 6 to 10 (Writers Club Press, 2002). ISBN: 0595228453 (paperback, 128 pages). [autism,children,account,poetry]
Mary W. Carpenter.
Rescued by a Cow and a Squeeze (PublishAmerica, 2003). A book for children about Temple Grandin. ISBN: 1591298806 (paperback, 47 pages). [autism,account,children]
Kathleen A. Chara, Paul J. Chara, Jr., Karston J. Chara, J. M. Berns & Angela Litzinger.
Allergy Busters: A Story for Children with Autism or Related Spectrum Disorders Struggling with Allergies (Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2004). Aimed at ages 9-12. ISBN: 1843107821 (paperback, 61 pages). [autism,children,account]
Martha Kate Downey, ed.
Tap Dancing in the Night (Phat Art 4). Book on CD: stories, poems, and art relating to people with Aspergers. Aimed at readers aged 7-16. [autism,aspergers,account,children]
Zachary M. Gartenberg & Jerry Gay, photographer.
Mori's Story: A Book About a Boy with Autism (Lerner Pubns Co, 1999). Ages 4-8. Zachary Gartenberg wrote this book while in elementary school about his autistic brother. ISBN: 0822525852 (hardcover, 32 pages). [autism,account,children]
Deborah Kent.
Extraordinary People With Disabilities (Grolier, 1996). Collection of biographies about 48 famous people with disabilities of all sorts. Among them is Temple Grandin. ISBN: 0516200216 (hardcover, 288 pages, Scholastic Library Pub, 1996); ISBN: 0613544722 (hardcover, Bt Bound, 1997); ISBN: 051626074X (paperback, 256 pages, Children's Press, Danbury, CT, 1997). [disability,children,account]
Melvin D. Levine.
All Kinds of Minds: A Young Student's Book About Learning Abilities and Learning Disorders (Cambridge, MA: Educators Publishing Service, 1992). ISBN: 0838820905 (paperback, 283 pages). [disability,account,children]
K. B. Reish.
Matthew's Box (KBR Mutti's Publications). hardcover, 48 pages, [autism,children,account]
Connor Sullivan.
I Love My Brother: A Preschooler's View of Living With a Brother Who Has Autism (Phat Art 4 Publishing, 2001). Aimed at preschoolers. ISBN: 0970658117 (hardcover, 24 pages). [autism,aspergers,children,account]
Pearl M. Wilson.
If You Knew Nicky (London: Angus and Robertson, 1983). Photographs by Sandra Irvine. Also published in Sydney & Melbourne. A girl describes her autistic brother. [autism,account,children]