Autism Book Recommendations

NOTE: this is a historical document, having been compiled in the mid 90s

These are books which have been recommended by readers of the AUTISM and other e-mail mailing lists. For a more comprehensive list of books, see the list of books from the Autism Frequently Asked Questions Memo available from the Autism Resources web page ( In each of the categories listed below, the list starts with the books most often cited on the AUTISM mailing list. If you read this online, the ISBN numbers are links to which might offer the book for sale. -John Wobus, 1/24/00 (Bibliographic data last updated 02/01/09)


Top Ten

I've seen the most recommendations for these books on autism. See descriptions below. While there is something silly about such a "top ten" list, if you are looking for books about autism, you could do worse than simply working your way down this list.

  1. Let Me Hear Your Voice
  2. Behavioral Intervention for Young Children with Autism
  3. The DAN Protocol
  4. Thinking In Pictures
  5. The Me Book
  6. Nobody Nowhere
  7. Emergence: Labeled Autistic
  8. Biological Treatments for Autism and PDD
  9. Somebody Somewhere
  10. There's a Boy in Here

    The next ten:

  11. The World of the Autistic Child
  12. Son-Rise
  13. Teach Me Language
  14. The Sound of a Miracle, A Child's Triumph Over Autism
  15. Special Diets for Special Kids
  16. The Social Story Book
  17. The Biology of the Autistic Syndromes
  18. Children with Autism: A Parent's Guide
  19. Autism: Handle with Care!
  20. An Anthropoligist on Mars

These books not specifically about autism have received similar numbers of recommendations.

  1. Is This Your Child?
  2. The Gluten-Free Gourmet
  3. The Yeast Connection
  4. The Child with Special Needs

Introductory & Parenting

These books, basically aimed at parents of autistic children, are good candidates for a "first book" on the subject. Some of the other books listed later are also very good for parents, particularly those listed in the section Accounts.




Books that are accounts of the experiences of autistic people and their parents receive more recommendations than any other books on this list.


For Children

Books aimed at children.

New Books

This is a selection of new and forthcoming books which perhaps have not yet had time to receive the number of recommendations of the books listed above.

Forthcoming books:

From 2001:

From 2000:

Books to avoid

I hate to be negative, but at least one book is nearly universally considered to be very misleading:

Virtually every other book which has received negative comments also has supporters. Though Donna Williams' books are popular and highly praised, some people suggest they show an atypical type of autism, thus can mislead the reader. The books which emphasize one particular treatment are not thought highly of by supporters of other treatments, especially if the book has negative things to say about other treatments. Two other such books:

Theory of Mind is probably a good book which bothers some people because of some of its conclusions. A Child of Eternity is cited as an interesting book. It apparently accepts some ESP-explanations of some of the phenomena it reports, which will turn off some readers.

Movie Suggestions

Related Books

These are books not specifically about autism that have been recommended by readers of the AUTISM list. Most such books have been on the problems associated with sensitivity to food and other substances.

Books on sensitivity to food and other substances

Also includes books on nutrition.

Other Disability-related Books

Some Oft-mentioned General Books

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